Index Match Match – an Alternative to Vlookup for SEO Analysis


You would be hard-pressed to find an SEO specialist that has never used VLOOKUP. Nowadays we have access to a massive amount of data from various tools, and the most powerful SEO analysis can be achieved when we connect all these data points, which often means looking up values from different sources. In this post,

What we’ve learnt in the world of digital in 2018


What we learnt in digital 2018
One of the core principles here at Passion Digital is that we should never stop learning, as an agency or as individuals. It’s part of the reason that we launched Digital Kitchen, our digital marketing training service. We also make sure every staff member at Passion Digital has the ability to attend seminars, courses and

5+ Years at Passion: SEO Executive to Operations Director


Hamish joined Passion Digital shortly after the company started, when it was just a few of us based in a little mews next to Clapham Common, specifically right behind the rather infamous nightclub named Infernos! He gave us his absolute all, which allowed him to progress rapidly right through the ranks, enjoying 5 ½ very

How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog


So your blog is set up and you’re finally getting some great traffic. Time to celebrate, right? Unfortunately, you might only be part-way through this battle. If your content only holds users’ attention for a few seconds before they leave your site Google will penalise you for it. To avoid this, we’ve asked the SEO
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