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We believe in being fully accountable for our work. We want to show you the great results that we can produce. That’s why we strongly encourage all our clients to track each and every channel associated with their website as part of their digital marketing strategy. If you get a lead, we want to know how you got it so we can improve and capitalise on these results and generate you a better ROI.

Call tracking using our partner Infinity can give you this information and more. When you get a call, we can see where the call has come from, e.g. PPC, organic traffic, direct traffic or even offline media such as flyers or newsletters. We can even see which keyword the caller has typed into the search engine, where they’re calling from and many more useful statistics making call tracking for agencies a necessity. Infinity integrates nicely into our unique reporting dashboards so you can see all of your data in one place.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking – as the name suggests – involves phone call tracking by using a tracking number on all online and offline business collateral such as your website, landing pages, social media, brochures, email marketing and so on. The method by which you set up call tracking can be completely customised to suit your needs. For example, you may wish to opt for campaign level tracking if you run a lot of multi-channel marketing activity, or, you may prefer visitor level call tracking which provides a clear vision of the full digital journey that leads to a call.

What Are the Main Benefits of Call Tracking?

Discover the ROI on every call using call tracking

Utilise call tracking tools to discover the Return On Investment (ROI) on every sales call, from every channel. This helps you to gain commercial clarity on marketing decisions and optimise both your digital and offline campaigns accordingly. By acquiring such valuable information, you can also reduce your cost of acquiring customers and help boost the value of your average orders.

Connect your calls to conversions

The Infinity hub call tracking software can seamlessly integrate with a number of tech giants including Google Ads, Google Looker Studio, Bing Ads, GA4, Facebook and Adobe Analytics. This is in addition to a number of marketing automation tools and CRM systems such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

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Use call tracking to unlock customer language insights

Through smart Conversational Analytics tools, you can gain first-hand insight into the type of calls you’re receiving and understand the language your audience uses. What’s more, you can also analyse call transcripts to identify common client pain points and any frequently asked questions.

Call tracking reporting with real time data that suits you

Through your own personal ‘Hub’, you’ll have 24/7 access to real-time data including call logs, channel insights, transaction data and more. As the Hub can be integrated with third-party sites such as Google Ads, you can create customisable reports to identify trends important to your business. Some examples could include looking at the total number of calls by channel, hourly traffic acquisition or how the quantity and length of calls fluctuate throughout the week.

From initial set up to ongoing account optimisation, our Paid Media team can assist you with your call tracking solutions. If you’re keen to learn more about improving your tracking on campaigns, please get in touch and if you’d like more information on Infinity call tracking pricing, check out their website.

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