Call Tracking

We believe in being fully accountable for our work. We want to show you the great results that we can produce. That’s why we strongly encourage all our clients to track each and every channel associated with their website. If you get a lead, we want to know how you got it so we can improve and capitalise on these results and generate you a better ROI.

Call tracking using our partners ResponseTap can give you this information and more. When you get a call we can see where the call has come from, e.g. PPC, Natural traffic, direct traffic or even offline media such as flyers or newsletters. We can even see which keyword the caller has typed into the search engines, where they’re calling from and many more useful statistics. ResponseTap integrates nicely into analytics so you can see all of your data in one place. It is possible to key in the quality of the lead after the call so you know which campaigns generate better quality leads and call recording can also be useful in larger businesses.


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