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We are problem solvers at heart, blending performance and imagination to drive the best results for your business.

At Passion we make smarter and faster decisions based on your business objectives by connecting and acting on all of your marketing data. With this information in mind, we can easily discern actionable insights that will inspire change and improve all your digital marketing campaigns.

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Why Passion Digital?

Because we do search and we do it well.

As an independent small-mid-size agency, we can be nimble in our approach. We aim to collaborate as true partners to your business, ensuring you stand out from the crowd in your market and achieve the best ROI possible.

We are a team of strategists who combine insight and data with channel expertise to find new ways to gain ground in your industry and stand out. We value collaboration and flexibility, taking on your challenges as our own and quickly adjusting strategies as needed.

And if that’s not enough, our results and case studies speak for themselves. We are proud to have created some award-winning SEO campaigns for our clients, which the UK Search Awards have recognised.

Our approach to data strategy


Selecting the right technology

We are well versed in a wide range of technology, meaning we will always use the right platform for your business needs.


Connecting the right data

With a multitude of data points, sources and platforms at your disposal, it can be hard to see how one element impacts on others. We make these connections clear and easy to understand.


Devising the right analytics strategy

Selecting the right KPIs to support your business goals and marketing strategy is crucial to your campaign’s performance.


Visualising the right dataset

With our live dashboards, you always have full access to your data, ensuring complete transparency. You’ll never have to wonder ‘but what does all this data mean?’. We are dedicated to uncovering the reasons behind any fluctuations in your data and providing you with accurate and concise insights.

Call tracking

We believe in being fully accountable for our work. We want to show you the great results that we can produce. That’s why we strongly encourage all our clients to track each and every channel associated with their website as part of their digital marketing strategy. If you get a lead, we want to know how you got it so we can improve and capitalise on these results and generate a better ROI.

Call tracking using our partner Infinity can give you this information and more. When you get a call, we can see where the call came from, e.g., PPC, organic traffic, direct traffic, or even offline media such as flyers or newsletters. We can even see which keyword the caller has typed into the search engine, where they’re calling from, and many more useful statistics that make call tracking necessary for agencies. Infinity integrates nicely into our unique reporting dashboards so you can see your data in one place.

Analytics Configuration & Audit

A correct analytics set-up can be the defining factor in whether an SEM campaign is successful or not.

We are passionate about analytics, but we are also passionate about our clients…and thrusting a complicated and often alien system upon them is certainly not the way to get the most out of this insightful information. We deal with all the complications and pass on the results to you in a simple and clear manner, enabling you to digest the information rather than get swamped by it. Some of the features that we find useful within analytics are: custom filters, goals, automated tasks, custom reports, advanced segments, event tracking, visitor flow, funnel visualisation, reverse goal paths, assisted conversions, real time analytics and in-page analytics plus many more.

Google Tag Manager

Make your analytics setup simple and scalable.

Many of our clients use our Google tag management skills in conjunction with Google Analytics; together providing insight into user interactions and behaviour.

Passion Digital can set up and install Google Tag Manager for WordPress websites or any other platform. We have Google Tag Manager and analytics specialists who can provide on-site training and step-by-step guides which will aid you in using this increasingly valuable free tool.

Meet our call analytics experts

Demi Newlands

Paid Media Account Manager

Freddie Warner

Senior Paid Media Account Manager
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Still unsure about analytics?

What kind of auditing and implementation do you do?

  • Auditing Google Analytics
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager implementations
  • Custom tracking and implementations
  • Advanced tracking implementations and e-commerce tagging
  • DataLayer consultancy and implementations
  • SPA and JS-based website tracking
  • Call tracking
  • User journey analysis
  • Conversion rate analysis

What is your approach to reporting?

Reporting and visualising data is critical when it comes to making accurate business decisions. Our dynamic reporting dashboards allow us to provide an accurate assessment of how your marketing channels are performing. We use a diverse range of tools, but most of our reporting is completed through Google Looker Studio, which is easy to navigate and integrates seamlessly with a wide range of data providers such as and different CRMs.

What kind of dashboard/reports can you build?

You can expect the following user-friendly reports when you choose Passion Digital as your digital marketing agency:

  • Channel specific reports to measure the performance of a specific marketing effort
  • Holistic marketing reports to measure the overall performance of your campaigns
  • Monthly insight reporting to understand what data means and determine clear actions in light of this information
  • Integrated multi-channel reports to measure the impact of your marketing tactics
  • Attribution modelling to understand the impact your channels have on your users’ journeys

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