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Creative Strategy

Performance marketing agencies are not creative…but we are

Over the last few years, performance marketing agencies have replaced creativity with content. The content landscape is full of repetitive, disposable and often irrelevant brand executions that underperform because there is no value to the target audience. We believe every piece of content we create should help to build a brand. We believe ‘creative content’ should have meaning and value. The creativity is in how you make your content informative, or thought provoking while still being impactful, all in the aim of influencing your target audience into action and driving performance.

If you are interested in a more imaginative approach to your digital campaigns, then why not have a look at our creative campaigns showcase, and then get in touch!

What makes a great creative strategy?

An effective creative strategy should aim for more than just gaining brand coverage. Great creative content needs to be meaningful and offer something of value that will truly engage people and stick in their minds, which in turn will have long-term benefits for the brand that’s behind it.

Our approach to creative strategy

It all starts with insight and strategy. We use a mixture of audience profiling, competitor analysis, social listening, and other insights to help understand the universe that your brand and your customers live in. We then use our industry beating ideation process to find audience problems that only you can solve and stories that only you can tell.

Our process



Once we have established your objectives, we want to get your input and honest assessment of where you are as a brand, where you want to be and what you think makes you unique.



Our ideation process is what separates us from other agencies. We don’t believe in big brainstorming sessions. Instead, we run individual ideation sessions to allow real journalistic research and critical thinking about the problem we are trying to solve for you. Once we have the answer, the execution is obvious.



Once we have an idea that you like, we will work with you to bring it to life. We have access to in-house Design & Development teams to create the content we need or we can work with your own creative resources.



Once we have the execution, we look for the best way to promote it based on your objectives. Our Digital PR team will work with you to achieve the right coverage and build links for your brand while our paid social and organic social teams can advise on the best strategy for amplifying and reaching as much of your audience as possible.



Once the content is out into the world we will monitor and report back on the metrics that are important. For example, Digital PR is becoming an increasingly popular strategy to improve organic search results and measured through link building, but we look beyond the links and see how our content has moved your brand awareness needle and how many new users it has driven to your site.

What our clients say about us


Passion Digital SEO team were a great choice as our first ever SEO specialist partner. Alex and the team are always on hand to answer questions, provide support and demonstrate a genuine passion to understand and grow our business. We’re still at the beginning of our growth journey as a business, and the Passion SEO team has already had a big positive impact and helped us lay some important foundations for the future.

Anthony Paine, Co-Founder

The Thinking Traveller

They really spent the time to understand the company when we first began working together. I’ve worked with a couple of SEO agencies over the last sort of eight or nine years, and a lot of the time, they’re very numbers-focused, which you would expect — the numbers dictate the content.

I think because Passion spent so long and put so much time and effort into understanding the business, the tone of voice, and our position in the market, they’ve provided a unique ability to marry a numbers-focused strategy with a content plan. It’s very much in tune with what we want, and it’s the kind of flavor we would expect — I personally haven’t experienced that with another organic search agency.

Dale Bray, Digital marketing Manager

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