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Self-Assessment Tax Calculator

In the lead-up to the Self Assessment deadline, QuickBooks UK came to us with the request for a Self Assessment calculator that would help self-employed people get a sense of how much income tax they’ll need to pay HMRC this tax year. Today, our “sexy Self Assessment calculator” guides small business owners through all the steps required to get an accurate income tax estimate.

London's Sustainable Food Delivery Guide to 2020

When the coronavirus hit the UK and food delivery services saw a surge in business, Good Hemp wanted to seize the moment to help Brits build better food habits, for people and the planet. London’s Sustainable Food Delivery Guide includes the most sustainable food and drink suppliers, grow-your-own tips and delicious vegan recipes to cook up in your kitchen.

The DNA FX Quiz -

Uncertainty about one’s forex trading strategy is one of the main barriers to entry in the forex trading market. DailyFX’s DNA FX quiz helps people find the trading strategy that suits their personality best, helping them take the next step towards becoming a successful forex trader. The DNA FX quiz won the Best Financial Services Award at The Drum Content Awards 2020.

Identifying Car Wash Slavery - Dropless

It is thought that there could be as many as 24,000 car wash workers in the UK who are victims of modern slavery. We created this hero blog post and infographic for Dropless to help bring awareness to this important issue and help individuals spot the signs of modern day car wash slavery in the UK.

E-Waste of the World: A data visualisation - Lovefone

Did you know that the weight of e-waste generated by UK’s population is equivalent to that of 120,000 iconic double-decker busses? Compare the output by country and continent and toggle between the average inhabitant and total population output. The mobile-friendly data visualisation was created in time for Earth Day 2017 to boost brand awareness, social traffic and SEO efforts for Lovefone.

Teletext Bamboozle as a 404 page

Everyone loves holidays, and everyone loves retro gaming – why not combine the two? We took people back to their youth with this interactive 404 page in the style of Teletext’s classic Bamboozle quiz for

Forex Trading Patterns -

Do you think you could make it as a forex trader? We created an interactive that lets you test your abilities to guess which way the markets are going to move. The quiz sets up some of the most common forex trading patterns before asking the user to guess what will happen next. Test your skills and see if you can get 12/12 (which might mean it’s time for a career change…)

Pop Culture Cars - Clegg Gifford Insurance

There are hardly any films that don’t feature an impressive vehicle somewhere within the story. But only few cars have us talking about them years later. Pop Culture Cars reveals the best movie cars since 1960.

Keeping up with the Queen

‘Keeping Up With The Queen’ is a single-page website created to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016. Find out what Her Majesty did at your age. Read up on the results in the case study.

Most beautiful Casinos in Europe - Foxy Casino

An interactive itinerary to the most beautiful casinos around Europe, along with some impressive pit stops along the way. A native microsite created to drive brand awareness, traffic and links to Foxy Casino. Bon voyage!

Secrets of Magic - Foxy Casino

Make sure your volume is turned up enough for some nostalgic synth-pop because Secrets of Magic takes you back to the 80’s and reveals the secrets behind the six most famous magic tricks of that time. For Foxy Casino, we wanted to bring the brand’s showtime-esque image to live. Enjoy the flamboyant decade in an incredible audio-visual experience.

Digitalmarketing.London - Passion Digital

In our world of constant info overload, it’s difficult to keep track of news and opinions truly relevant to our day-to-day. Digitalmarketing.London solves this issue for digital marketers. Passion Digital’s different teams curated their top 3 sources to automatically show you the latest from SEO, PPC, Social, Content and CRO/UX in one feed. All you have to do is click on the topic you’d like to read up on.

Chronicles of the Phone Box - Lovefone

In conjunction with Lovefone’s launch of mobile repair shops inside red phone booths, we’ve taken a look at the evolution of Britain’s iconic phone boxes. Warning: They weren’t always red!

Female Taxi Drivers - Clegg Gifford Insurance

Only 2% of all registered taxi drivers in London are female. The lack of women in the trade is not uncommon anywhere in the world. We create Female Taxi Drivers for women taxi drivers to share their unique stories. These stories were uniquely retold by publications like Stylist and Bust.

Date an Athlete - Foxy Bingo

2016 was a big year for all things sporty. Date an Athlete celebrates the attractive traits displayed by people participating in the most popular Olympic disciplines.

Most Luxurious Airports on Earth - Pink Elephant Parking

Most Luxurious Airports on Earth reveal the 7 airports where flight delays are nothing but a blessing in disguise.

Poker State of Mind - Party Poker

The world’s best poker players know how to make the right decisions quickly. Keeping your cool during a game of poker is key. This website puts you in that Poker State of Mind.