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As a performance marketing agency our approach is always driven by data, regardless of size of the brand we work with or the project we focus on. No vague, handwavy notions or gut feelings here – to get that data we need a solid foundation of research.

Know your Audience

A thorough understanding of your ‘now’ audience as well as your ‘growth’ audience will underpin all aspects of your digital strategy, from the look and feel of your website and social platforms to your content/messaging strategy and media targeting. We can support brands with a range of detailed research pieces.

Our Research and Insights Offering


Auditing of existing digital activity

What activity, if any, are you currently running online? How is it performing? Do you have a clear set of objectives per channel, and are you achieving them?


Competitor analysis

Who are your competitors in and out of sector and what can we learn from their website, socials, brand positioning, content, messaging, etc.? What should we be looking to adopt?


Consumer and sector analysis

What more can we understand about your market and consumers? What are their likes and dislikes, and where might we be able to find them online?


Audience profiling and persona creation

Which audiences should you prioritise? What messaging will appeal to them, and what channels/tactics should you use to engage them?


Social listening

What conversations are going on in and around your business’s sector, and where are they happening? Who are the key voices and what are they saying?


Keyword research and search intent analysis

What is your audience searching the web for? What does this imply about their attitudes, behaviours and motivations? How does this translate into messaging and media strategies?


UX auditing

How well does your website stack up against recognised user experience standards? How are your customers navigating your site, and where are their pain points, questions and issues?


Tone of voice guidance and messaging strategy

Does your brand’s voice reflect your mission, vision and values? Are you communicating the right USPs to the right audiences?

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