Which CMS is best for your Organisation?


In this day and age, we are blessed to have a large amount of content management system’s (CMS) to satisfy all our web build requirements. However, deciding which CMS is right for both you and your business can sometimes be easier said than done. With websites ranging from brochure and ecommerce, there will be a

The best WordPress Plugins and Tools to Improve your SEO


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving how easily search engines read and analyze the data from your website. Improving SEO means higher search engine rankings and greater online visibility. It can determine how a page is displayed on the search engine’s results, how much traffic it gets, and much more. To learn

Who Uses Bing?


Who uses Bing? In fact, people do – but just not very many in the UK (if third party platforms like Hitwize are to believed). In other countries, the divide between the two search engines is not as bad but the UK seem to scoff at Microsofts’s Bing on a national level. Allegedly, in 2016

WordPress Security: Is your website safe from hackers and spammers?


WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS for short) on the web. CMS’s are great because they allow non-technical website administrators to manage their websites with ease. WordPress is widely recognised as the most user-friendly and feature filled CMS available. Roughly 15 million websites on the web are powered by WordPress, which equates
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