The Importance Of Video Content Marketing For SEO


As we all know the digital world is constantly evolving and if you’re not up to date, it’s easy to fall behind. The use of video content in digital marketing strategies is one of the main aspects responsible for promoting new technologies and aligning content with users. This also is one of the preferred methods

DIGITAL KITCHEN: 4 Things you Need to do Before Becoming a Digital Freelancer


Have you ever thought about what your life could be like if you became a digital freelancer? Actually, scratch that. Do you travel to work every day with a sense of dread when you think about what your day is going to entail? Although so-called ‘digital nomads’ might have you believe otherwise, digital freelancing is

Competitor Keyword Analysis With Python


Competitor Analysis with Pyton
Competitor Keyword Analysis – How Can Python Help? Competitor keyword analysis as part of a keyword research is a task that every SEO specialist is very much familiar with. Finding the right keywords for your new content ideas is great, but assessing the competitive landscape for them is even better. By knowing how many competitors

How Can Social Media Data Analysis Be Used To Inform Business Decisions?


Every second there are 6,000 tweets, 1,539 Tumblr posts and 919 Instagram photos published online, according to Internet Live Stats. There is an enormous amount of data and insights which can be drawn from the ever-increasing social media content online using methods such as social listening, brand monitoring, audience intelligence, trends research and competitor analysis.
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