What Does Voice Search Mean for Your Business?


Hey Siri, are you single? The popularity of voice assistants has been on a steady rise since Apple pioneered Siri in April 2011 (yes, it HAS been 7 years!). Since then, Google (Google Assistant), Microsoft (Cortana) and Amazon (Alexa) have also joined the game. International players are not behind. Chinese giants Baidu and Alibaba also

Colour Psychology and Branding


We may not always realise it, but colour plays a huge part in how we perceive things in life. We’re taught from when we are children the basic traffic light notion that red means ‘stop’, ‘danger’ or ‘no’, green means ‘go’ or ‘yes’ and orange sits somewhere in the middle. Our brains subconsciously respond to

12 of our favourite Google Chrome plugins


Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers around. We spend hours and hours using it each day, so why not try to get the most out of it? One of the best things about the browser is the extensive list of Chrome plugins available – especially to help out digital marketers.

Vero: Will the ‘true social’ be a true success?


You may have heard the name Vero being thrown around the social media world in the last few days. Vero, translating literally to ‘truth’, is the newest social networking app to take the web by storm. It brands itself as ‘true social’, noting that other sites are too full of advertisements and algorithms  (psst, Facebook). It’s
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