DIGITAL KITCHEN: It’s Official – The Digital Skills Gap is Costing You Money


A new report from the global consulting firm Accenture has found that unless the growing digital skills gap is closed quickly, it could cost the UK economy £141.5bn of GDP growth over the next ten years. In those terms, it’s easy to dismiss the digital skills gap as something you can do very little about,

Smoothie Operators: An Innocent Case Study


If you’re a social media user, particularly Instagram, you will probably have come across Innocent’s social media profiles or had content from them delivered to you in ad format. Or you may have seen them on the side of a bus – basically, they’re everywhere at the moment. We think Innocent are winning at social

TrendingTopics: Social Media and the Rise of Veganuary


In this digital age, social media allows trends to spread like wildfire. They’re picked up, turned into memes and dropped by internet users before you can say ‘Vegan’, but there are certain trends that seem to stick, #Veganuary being one of them. Year after year, the hashtag comes back and, in turn, it encourages more and

Index Match Match – an Alternative to Vlookup for SEO Analysis


You would be hard-pressed to find an SEO specialist that has never used VLOOKUP. Nowadays we have access to a massive amount of data from various tools, and the most powerful SEO analysis can be achieved when we connect all these data points, which often means looking up values from different sources. In this post,
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