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Every day your audience is discovering new brands and products on Google, Amazon and social media. Our expert team of paid media specialists is here to help you advertise on these platforms in the most impactful and effective way.

Benefits of investing in a paid media agency

Investing in a paid media agency ensures that you are maximising the discoverability of your products at all stages of the purchase funnel. Performance marketing is all about ensuring you are hitting your target audience at the right time, with the right messaging, in whichever platform they prefer to use.

Our paid media expertise

Unlike traditional media, the vast majority of digital media is traded programmatically; effectively each ad impression enters a real-time auction and advertisers will make a bid for that impression based on its expected value/return. Where are we going with this? Well, in order to maximise your return on investment it is imperative that your media buying team understands the nuances of bid management, quality score, reach CPM, first time impression ratio, impression share, product feed management, and more.

The Passion Digital paid media team are specialists in their disciplines, be that PPC, Facebook, YouTube or Programmatic Display. We fine-tune and optimise media delivery across hundreds of optimisation levers daily to ensure maximum return on your investment.

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What our clients say about our Paid Media work

Science Museum

Freddie & the team heads up our PPC account for the Science Museum. We are mainly focusing on Google shopping and search, where we have 500-800 products online at any given time. We just had a really great end of 2021 – our busy Q4 Christmas period, Freddie was driving a high ROAS and hitting targets/forecasts across the board. He’s been great with any ad-hoc requests and explaining the management of the account to the new starters in the team. Passion Digital comes highly recommended!

Scarlett Giannakou

Biona Organic

Passion Digital has done an excellent job managing our Google PPC activity over the last six months. We sell over 300 products on our ecommerce site, across multiple categories – which is a tough task. But Freddie and the team has delivered consistently against our KPIs, exceeding sales targets and delivering a positive return on ad spend. He’s demonstrated strong account management, planning and reporting expertise. I would recommend working with Passion Digital!

Kelly Stalker, Marketing Manager

Knight Frank

Knight Frank is a large global organisation with a vast Paid media strategy, to which our account team at Passion are pragmatic and quick to respond. Passion are a true partner to Knight Frank and we would highly recommend their paid media team. Thanks to them, we’ve definitely made considerable improvements to the technology we’re using. As a result, we’ve automated our ad efforts and saved a lot of time.

Passion is very transparent and honest. Additionally, the team is very agile and cost-efficient — they provide a significant amount of value for the price.

Head of Social Media

Benefits of a combined paid media strategy



Each digital channel has a role to play in the user journey, be that introducing a new consumer to your brand on Facebook, maximising product share of voice at the point of purchase through PPC or keeping the brand front of mind throughout the consideration/comparison period through remarketing. The path to purchase will span multiple media touchpoints across various channels, so understanding the role and contribution of each of these touchpoints becomes critical in maximising overall campaign effectiveness. Attribution modelling and user journey mapping is a fundamental part of our planning and measurement process.



Consumers don’t think in channels the way advertisers do, so to maximise overall impact it’s imperative that messaging and tone of voice is consistent and aligned across the various digital touchpoints. That said, it’s important that the messaging is also aligned to the role of the channel in that user journey – is it to inspire, educate, motivate or convert?



A holistic, multi-channel approach to paid media also has the more practical benefit of reducing susceptibility to media inflation and diminishing returns. Advertisers who have the ability to quickly flex budgets between channels – existing or new – are much better placed to avoid inflated CPAs and to maximise overall spend effectiveness.

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