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Paid media services from Passion Digital: where strategic and imaginative thinking meets impactful, tangible results.

We don't just show ads, we drive results.

We are problem solvers at heart, blending critical and creative thinking to drive the best results for your business.

Every day your audience discovers new brands and products on Google, Amazon, and through social media. Our expert team of paid media specialists is here to help you advertise on these platforms in an impactful and effective way.

Standing out is essential for every brand, and our tailored paid media solutions are designed to ensure your business makes a mark. From targeted search engine ads and compelling social media campaigns to captivating display advertising, we aim to craft a comprehensive strategy with a message that resonates with the right audience at the right time. Harness the power of our expertise, data-driven insights and cross-channel synergy to drive meaningful engagement, conversions and a remarkable return on investment.

Explore the possibilities of unparalleled visibility and success with our dynamic paid media services, tailored to fuel your business’ growth.

UK Search Awards - Winner Badge 2022
UK Search Awards - Winner Badge 2023
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Our approach to paid media

We pride ourselves on being strategists who see the whole picture – which is why we make the effort to ensure your paid media strategy fits seamlessly into your overall marketing plan. And, in our opinion, the best way to do that is with a combined paid media strategy.

We believe a combined paid media strategy is advantageous as it optimises brand visibility, enhances audience targeting precision and maximises the impact of diverse channels, ultimately delivering a more comprehensive and effective digital marketing campaign.

Our approach to a combined paid media strategy is threefold: integration, consistency and flexibility.


Each digital channel has a role in the user journey, be that introducing a new consumer to your brand through Facebook, maximising product share of voice at the point of purchase through PPC, or keeping your brand front of mind during the consideration/comparison period through remarketing. The path to purchase will span multiple media touchpoints across various channels, so understanding the role and purpose of each becomes critical in maximising overall campaign effectiveness. Attribution modelling and user journey mapping are fundamental parts of our planning and measurement process.


Consumers don’t think in channels the way advertisers do – so to maximise overall impact it’s imperative that your messaging and tone of voice are consistent and aligned across all of your digital touchpoints. That being said, it’s also important that your messaging is aligned with the role of each channel in a user’s journey – is it time to inspire, educate, motivate or convert?


A holistic, multi-channel approach to paid media has the practical benefit of reducing susceptibility to media inflation and diminishing returns. Advertisers who can quickly flex budgets between channels—existing or new—are much better placed to avoid inflated CPAs and to maximise overall spend effectiveness. Here at Passion, we are experts in flexibility and agility.

Why Choose Passion Digital?

Because we do paid and we do it well.

What sets us apart from other agencies is our approach to working with our clients – we strive to be true partners to your business and an extension of your in-house team. We want to be with you every step of the way, from regular catch up calls and monthly reports through to quarterly board reviews. We are honest, open and transparent – when working with us, you will always know how your campaign is performing – and we encourage our clients to be the same with us.

We value imagination, and have a passion for trying new things and uncovering different approaches and angles. However, we also know that when it comes down to it, our clients need tangible results and return on investment – which we provide through technical expertise, data analysis and clear KPIs set at the beginning of a campaign. By combining creativity with critical thinking, we are able to generate bespoke strategies destined for success.

When you choose Passion Digital, you choose an agency with a true love for paid media.

Our Paid Media Services

Whether you’re looking to boost your current paid social efforts or want to try PPC for the first time, we can help you achieve paid advertising success. We are available to help with one-off projects, ongoing support, and consultancy and training for your in-house team.


Paid search

Elevate your online presence with our comprehensive paid search advertising services. Seamlessly navigate the ecommerce landscape with Amazon ads, ensuring your products capture attention in a competitive marketplace. Harness the power of Google Shopping to showcase your products or services prominently in the search results, driving quality traffic to your website. Expand your reach even further with Microsoft ads, tapping into a diverse audience across Microsoft’s networks. Dive into the world of remarketing, strategically reconnecting with potential customers who have shown interest in your brand. Our paid social expertise spans across platforms, offering a holistic approach to maximise visibility, engagement and conversions for your business. Let us help you revolutionise your online advertising strategy and achieve unparalleled success.


PPC audit

Revitalise your PPC strategy with a thorough and insightful PPC audit. Our seasoned team will meticulously dissect every aspect of your pay-per-click campaigns, from keyword effectiveness and ad performance to budget allocation and overall strategy. We will identify strengths, uncover opportunities and address potential weaknesses, ensuring that every pound spent yields maximum returns for your business. Whether it’s fine-tuning ad copy, optimising bidding strategies or enhancing landing page experiences, our PPC audits are a roadmap to unparalleled campaign efficiency. We can help you uncover the true potential of your PPC endeavours, driving results and maximising your advertising ROI.


Paid social (social media advertising)

It’s 2024 – you need to be heard on social media. Our expert team specialises in crafting tailored paid social campaigns across major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube. Through strategic Facebook advertising, we ensure your brand connects with your target audience seamlessly. Instagram advertising brings your business to life, captivating audiences with compelling visuals. Leverage LinkedIn advertising to reach professionals and decision-makers in your industry. Reach a highly engaged audience where users are actively consuming content with TikTok advertising. Dive into YouTube advertising for video campaigns that captivate and convert. With Passion Digital, every paid social campaign is a strategic masterpiece, maximising your brand’s visibility and engagement across diverse social landscapes.


Programmatic and display advertising

Watch your brand’s online presence grow with our dynamic display advertising services. We can leverage captivating visual elements like images, banners and videos strategically across websites, apps and social media platforms. Dive into the future of advertising with our programmatic solutions, where automation and data-driven precision revolutionise the digital landscape by buying and optimising ad placements in real-time. We can ensure your brand stands out in the crowded online space – partner with us for a commercial edge that maximises visibility, engagement and returns on your digital advertising investments.

Award-Winning Results

Our results speak for themselves. Over the years, our Paid Media team has won a host of awards. Most recently, we won Best Use of Search – Real Estate and Property at the UK Paid Media Awards two years in a row (2022 and 2023) and were named a finalist for Workplace Excellence at the Google Premier Partner Awards 2023.

“This is an excellent submission – leveraging data to optimise budget allocation and targeting demonstrates a strong understanding of the client’s audience and market conditions. The results clearly show the impact of this improved efficiency.”

Judging panel, Best Use of Search – Real Estate and Property, UK Paid Media Awards 2023

Your Team of Paid Media Experts

Unlike traditional media, the vast majority of digital media is traded programmatically – in short, each ad impression enters a real-time auction and advertisers will make a bid for that impression based on its expected value or return. In order to maximise your return on investment it is imperative that your paid media team understands the nuances of bid management, quality score, reach CPM, first time impression ratio, impression share, product feed management and more.

You need to be working with true experts who know the ins and outs of paid media intricately – and when you partner with us, you will be.

The Paid Media team at Passion Digital is a collaborative force with a shared love for paid advertising. We leverage our diverse skill sets to deliver the best results for our clients. From paid search and PPC to paid social and display ads, we love what we do and are driven by achieving tangible results and return on investment for our clients.

“Navigating the ever-changing landscape of paid media is a challenge. With AI moving front and centre, both brands and advertisers need to adapt. How advertisers integrate and capitalise on new technologies across their paid media strategies is vital for maintaining a competitive edge”

Chris Watson, Head of Paid Media


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Head of Paid Media
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Managing Director & Head of Digital
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Still unsure about paid media?

Why Should You Invest in Paid Media?

Investing in paid media is a strategic decision for businesses aiming to break through the digital clutter and grow. In a competitive landscape, paid media offers the advantage of instant visibility, placing your brand in front of your target audience precisely when they are most receptive. It ensures your message is not lost in a sea of seemingly endless online content, creating meaningful opportunities for engagement and conversion.

When you tailor campaigns to your business, target specific demographics and analyse real-time data, paid media becomes a dynamic engine driving brand awareness, measurable results, and revenue. With a vast potential for return on investment, paid media is crucial in a successful digital marketing strategy, propelling businesses forward in the ever-evolving online marketplace.

Invest in paid media to amplify your brand’s presence, capture audience attention, and ensure sustained success.

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