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If there’s one channel that can really do it all, it’s Paid Social.

Its full-funnel capabilities run from increasing awareness through to consideration, driving sales and building communities, each with specific objectives, optimisation events and measurement metrics for each. Quality creative, cutting-edge formats, intelligent targeting… there’s a lot for our team of experts to nerd out about!

Why do you need a social media marketing strategy?

Reach and Range

For many brands, social media advertising is an essential part of the marketing mix. 95% of the online population use social websites or apps and 27% say that finding products to purchase is their main reason for using social media, according to GWI. The wide range of social platforms available to run ads on – each with their specific ad formats, approach to targeting and user behaviour – allows us to reach people in multiple ways across multiple touchpoints. We curate bespoke platform mix for each objective and audience, and provide recommendations and best practices for maximum impact

Data and dynamism

Social is the perfect platform to showcase your visual brand identity by crafting creative and messaging that speaks to your audience. The vehicle for that message can range from video to static image carousels, augmented reality and bespoke Instant Experiences. But Paid Social isn’t just about the visuals – all of our activity is underpinned by data. Tracking pixels capture site data which allows us to build data-driven audiences such as past customers, cart abandoners or similar audiences. It also allows us to track onsite actions that are a result of our paid ads, giving us end-to-end visibility and insight into the best strategies for your objectives.

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