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We are problem solvers at heart, blending performance and imagination to drive the best results for your business.

Paid social’s full-funnel capabilities run from increasing awareness to consideration, driving sales and even foster communities around your brand. Each stage requires specific objectives, optimisations and measurement metrics. That’s where Passion Digital comes in. Our team of paid social experts are masters at everything from crafting captivating creatives to intelligent targeting. We help you navigate the full funnel and achieve your social media goals.

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Why invest in paid social?

Investing in paid social is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in a competitive landscape. Social media platforms serve as powerful channels for brand exposure, customer engagement and lead generation, offering unparalleled opportunities to connect with vast and diverse audiences. By establishing a strong social media presence, businesses can foster authentic relationships with customers, enhance brand loyalty and drive conversions.

Not only that, but the data you receive from paid social campaigns is invaluable. Properly analysing paid social performance provides useful insights into consumer behaviour and preferences, enabling businesses to refine their marketing strategies and stay ahead of industry trends.

Here at Passion Digital, we can help you use paid social for everything from amplifying brand visibility and boosting website traffic to increasing revenue.

Reach and range

Paid social is an essential part of the marketing mix. 95% of the online population uses social websites or apps and 27% say that finding products to purchase is their main reason for using social media, according to GWI. The wide range of social platforms you can run ads on – each with specific ad formats, approach to targeting and user behaviour – allows you to reach people in multiple ways across multiple touchpoints. We can help you choose the right platforms for your business objectives and target audience, provide recommendations and implement best practices for maximum impact.

Data and dynamism

Paid social is the perfect platform to showcase your brand identity through creatives and messaging that speaks directly to your target audience. You can choose from videos and static image carousels to augmented reality and bespoke Instant Experiences. But paid social isn’t just about the visuals – you need to track your performance as well, something we’re experts at.

Tracking pixels captures site data that allows us to build audiences such as past customers, cart abandoners and more. They also allow us to track onsite actions that are a direct result of our paid social ads, giving us end-to-end visibility and insight into the best strategies for your objectives.

Our approach to paid social

We are problem solvers at heart – and we firmly believe that blending performance and imagination is the ideal way to drive the best results.

Critical thinking

At Passion Digital, critical thinking lies at the core of our approach to crafting effective paid social strategies. We understand that successful campaigns require more than just targeting the right audience or selecting the most engaging ad creatives. Our team engages in rigorous analysis and evaluation to dissect data, identify trends and anticipate shifts in consumer behaviour. Through critical thinking, we delve deep into understanding your brand’s unique value proposition, industry dynamics and competitive landscape to develop tailored strategies that resonate with your audience and drive tangible results. By challenging assumptions, exploring innovative tactics and continuously refining our approach, we ensure that every aspect of our paid social strategy aligns with your business objectives and delivers maximum impact. With Passion Digital, you can trust that critical thinking drives every decision we make, propelling your brand towards success in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

Creative thinking

Creativity serves as the heartbeat of Passion Digital’s paid social strategy, infusing every campaign with innovation and originality. We believe that standing out in the crowded digital landscape requires more than just targeting the right audience; it demands captivating storytelling and compelling visuals that resonate with viewers on a profound level. Our team of creative minds collaborates closely with clients to understand their brand identity, values and goals, translating these insights into captivating ad creatives that catch attention and inspire action. From crafting engaging copy to designing visually stunning imagery and videos, we push the boundaries of creativity to deliver campaigns that leave a lasting impression. By infusing imagination into every aspect of our paid social strategies, we ensure that your brand not only captures attention but also fosters meaningful connections with your audience, driving engagement, loyalty and, ultimately, business success. Creativity isn’t just a feature – it’s the driving force behind every campaign we deliver.

Our specialities

From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and YouTube to TikTok, we work with all the major social media platforms – and we’re experts in creating personalised and successful campaigns for each.

Advertising on Facebook

Unlock unparalleled reach with Facebook advertising, connecting with users globally and ensuring your brand takes centre stage in their newsfeeds. With Facebook’s vast user base exceeding 1.5 billion people, paid advertising is a must when navigating the competitive digital arena. From enhancing brand visibility to driving website traffic and boosting sales, Facebook’s clear call-to-action ad formats facilitate diverse KPI achievements.

Harnessing Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities, including demographics, locations, interests and behaviours, enables precise audience segmentation for optimised ad delivery. As a seasoned Facebook advertising agency, we specialise in crafting and managing tailored campaigns across diverse sectors, staying ahead of the always-evolving formats and optimisation trends to maximise your brand’s impact on Facebook.

Advertising on LinkedIn

Reach business professionals effectively on LinkedIn, which boasts over 400 million users focused on industry news, career updates and peer connections. Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn offers a powerful platform for B2B advertising. Go beyond demographics. Target your ideal audience by location, education, industry, job title and seniority. We can ensure your LinkedIn advertising campaigns align with your target audience’s behaviour, driving KPIs such as brand awareness, website traffic and conversions.

With options like Sponsored Updates, InMail and Dynamic Ads, LinkedIn offers versatile and impactful advertising solutions, to reach your target B2B audience. We’ll guide you through the options to help you decide which type of paid advertising is right for you to stay ahead of the LinkedIn algorithm’s curve, maximising your impact and driving results on the world’s largest professional social media platform.

Advertising on Instagram

Maximise your brand’s impact with Instagram advertising – tap into a vast audience of over half a billion users on this rapidly expanding social platform. Instagram ads offer a dynamic avenue to achieve a variety of goals, whether that’s boosting brand awareness or increasing sales, all with clear calls to action and targeted engagement. By leveraging sophisticated targeting tools, we can help you customise campaigns to specific demographics, locations, interests and behaviours, ensuring precision in audience reach and impactful results.

Our experts are here to help empower you to effectively convey your brand’s visual message, adapting to evolving trends and optimising campaigns for peak performance. Collaborate with us to unlock the full potential of Instagram advertising and propel your brand to new visual heights.

Advertising on X (Formerly Twitter)

Advertising on X can help you drive impactful conversations and elevate your brand’s presence. With a staggering user base of over 300 million, this social platform is perfect for boosting website traffic and generating leads. Our tailored paid strategies are ideal for a variety of objectives, whether that’s amplifying your brand visibility, driving traffic or fueling sales growth.

Leveraging X’s sophisticated targeting options, including demographics, location, interests and keywords, our campaigns precisely target your desired audience segments. Additionally, Custom Audiences further refine targeting, reaching specific user groups for enhanced engagement. Here at Passion Digital, we remain at the forefront of industry trends, continually optimising campaigns to maximise your brand’s impact and capitalise on Twitter’s advertising potential.

Advertising on YouTube

Tap into the vast potential of YouTube, which boasts over one billion unique users and six billion hours of monthly video consumption – making it a global advertising powerhouse. With YouTube TrueView video adverts, available in both in-stream and in-display formats, you only pay when viewers actively engage with you. In-stream ads, showcased before YouTube videos, incur charges solely upon completed views, while in-display ads, strategically positioned next to videos or in search results, trigger charges upon clicks.

We’re here to help you harness YouTube’s extensive audience reach to drive awareness and maximise ROI, delivering substantial views and impressive click-through rates and ultimately helping you achieve a myriad of business objectives.

Our paid social experts

Our social media marketing team is characterised by a genuine passion for all things paid social, driving us to continuously innovate and excel in this dynamic field. With years of collective experience under our belts, we bring a holistic approach to every campaign, considering the broader marketing landscape, your overall digital marketing strategy and your specific business goals. We thrive in competitive environments, constantly pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional results.

Every member of our team is a seasoned strategist, equipped with the expertise to craft sophisticated campaigns that drive meaningful impact. We believe in collaboration, working closely with you as a trusted partner to understand your unique needs and objectives. Our flexible and agile approach allows us to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics, ensuring that we always stay one step ahead.

With Passion Digital, you can trust that your paid social campaigns are in capable hands, driven by a team dedicated to your success.

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