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The digital ecosystem is constantly evolving. To successfully navigate the choppy waters requires a clear strategy underpinned by a robust media plan.

Devising and implementing cross-channel strategies across paid, owned and earned media

There is no off-the-shelf solution to achieve an effective cross-channel strategy. The starting point is understanding your business objective and, as a full-service digital marketing agency, we will help you formalise, articulate and validate the approach that will deliver maximum business value. It is important this is undertaken thoroughly, methodically and holistically.

The Passion Digital Strategy team has created marketing plans for some of the UK’s biggest digital advertisers, launch plans for complex multi-market products and activation plans for start-ups with aggressive short-term targets.

Whether you are starting with a blank piece of paper or have a complex multi-channel requirement, our team can help.

Our Strategy and Planning Capabilities



What research and insight work needs refreshing? What assumptions should we challenge or validate before moving forward?
media and PR project plans?



What is the current data strategy? What value can be unlocked within existing data and how is this achieved? Is this a prerequisite to media activation?



How hard is your website working for you? How well does your website stack up against recognised user experience standards? How are your customers entering and navigating your site? Where are the pain points, questions and/or issues?



What is the role of PPC, Paid Social, YouTube and Marketplaces? Which should you prioritise and when is the right time to activate each? How do we better understand the contribution of each channel in complex user journeys?



What are the SEO opportunities? Is your website giving out the right relevancy signals? What is the value quick wins? Should the focus be on SEO, PPC or both? What sort of content should you create and how much of it? Are you applying the same thought process and logic to your other social media profiles?



How do you maximise social media effectiveness, increasing followers while also maximising engagement? What partnership opportunities are available in your sector? Is there synergy between your media and PR project plans?

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