What Is Infinity Call Tracking and Why Should You Use It?

Demi Newlands 03/07/2023 5 minutes

Telephone calls remain an essential conversion action for many businesses – but how do we measure the success of them without understanding the full customer journey behind each call? Call tracking is the first step to gaining clarity from conversions and by accurately measuring your calls, you can also generate revenue and reduce business costs. 

Infinity is a cloud-based call tracking software and intelligence platform. In this blog post, we’re going to take a deep dive into how it works, its benefits and where the future of call tracking is heading. 

What Is Call Tracking? 

Call tracking – as the name suggests – involves tracking phone calls by using a tracking number on all online and offline business collateral such as your website, landing pages, social media, brochures, email marketing and so on. The method by which you set up call tracking can be completely customised to suit your needs. For example, you may wish to opt for campaign level tracking if you run a lot of multi-channel marketing activity or, you may prefer visitor level call tracking which provides a clear vision of the full digital journey that leads to a call.

How does call tracking work? 

Infinity software uses ‘dynamic’ and ‘fixed’ numbers to successfully track each visitor’s session. Let’s take a step back and review a typical customer journey to put these elements into context. 

Firstly, a user will make a search on Google and click on either an organic listing or paid ad. Using the Javascript code that’s already onsite, Infinity will then detect that a visitor has landed on the website. From here, the user will look around and eventually navigate to a specific page or make a specific action, such as calling the business. At the same time, Infinity creates a dynamic number that is unique to this certain visitor so that when they make a call, we have visibility on their full journey. 

So, now that you know how the process works. Let’s take a deeper dive into dynamic and fixed numbers and how they should be used. 

  1. Dynamic numbers – As per the example above, these are mainly used for online activity. When a user lands onsite, Infinity will display a unique dynamic number (or tracking number) instead of your existing core telephone number 
  1. Fixed numbers – These are mainly used for offline campaigns or Google Ads asset extensions. Although the journey leading up to a call cannot be tracked, they still provide valuable data and insight into how offline campaigns are performing. For example, if you print off a whole new batch of marketing leaflets and hand them out, you could (set up in Infinity) add a fixed number on the marketing material to be able to track how successful the leaflets have been 

What are the main benefits of call tracking?

As well as generally enhancing your overarching marketing strategy with rich, customer-centric data, here are some of the key benefits of using call tracking platforms such as Infinity: 

Discover the ROI on every call

Utilise call tracking to discover the return on investment (ROI) on every sales call, from every channel. This helps you to gain commercial clarity on marketing decisions and optimise both your digital and offline campaigns accordingly. By acquiring such valuable information, you can also reduce your cost of acquiring customers and help boost the value of your average orders.

Connect your calls to conversions 

The Infinity hub can seamlessly integrate with a number of tech giants including Google Ads, Google Looker Studio, Bing Ads, GA4, Facebook and Adobe Analytics. This is in addition to a number of marketing automation tools and CRM systems such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

Unlock customer language insights

Through smart Conversational Analytics tools, you can gain first-hand insight into the type of calls you’re receiving and understand the language your audience uses. What’s more, you can also analyse call transcripts to identify common client pain points and any frequently asked questions. 

Real time data that suits you 

Through your own personal ‘Hub’, you’ll have 24/7 access to real-time data including call logs, channel insights, transaction data and more. As the Hub can be integrated with third-party sites such as Google Ads, you can create customisable reports to identify trends important to your business. Some examples could include looking at the total number of calls by channel, hourly traffic acquisition or how the quantity and length of calls fluctuates throughout the week.

How Did Junkwize Benefit From Using Infinity? 

Passion has been working with Junkwize for a number of years supporting their paid search and web strategies. Junkwize is a specialist rubbish removal and collection company handling both small-scale and large-scale rubbish clearance jobs in London. As they handle job requests for both domestic and commercial clients, telephone calls are a key conversion point for the company.

Demi, Account Lead for Junkwize in our Paid Media team here at Passion said: 

We use the Infinity Hub on an almost daily basis to get insights into how our paid search campaigns are performing and what campaigns are driving the most calls. It’s important to note that it goes beyond how many calls we drive, but, it’s the quality of those calls which is important and that’s where the Infinity data is especially useful. 

In particular, we use smart goals and language signals to identify which services customers are most commonly enquiring about and then identify how we can improve our messaging to facilitate these customers. We equally use the platform to determine how and if any channels are driving any irrelevant calls (such as consumers asking for services that aren’t offered or wanting free waste collections etc.) and then pad out our exclusion lists accordingly.” 

What Is the Future of Call Tracking and Why Is It a Focus Point for Us as an Agency?

Source: https://www.infinity.co/uk/

In an ever-evolving landscape, telephone calls are and remain to be one of the most direct engagements your business may have with a customer. As tracking becomes more complex, Infinity predicts that the future of call tracking will be all about speech analytics.

Speech analytics involves monitoring, analysing and extracting data from inbound and outbound customer calls, using a specific type of software. With an overarching aim of providing better customer experience, this will help you track specific keywords, identify conversational trends and analyse customer sentiment. Currently, manual analysis of calls only captures around 2% of all customer interactions. As you can imagine, this isn’t a useful sample and prevents your business from making important data-driven decisions. 

The evolution of call tracking is enabling more and more businesses to respond in real-time to customers’ needs. In fact, speech analytics is predicted to be one of the main growth drivers for businesses and is set to reach US$5.9BN by 2027

The future of call tracking is now – organisations leveraging call analytics tools can reduce average handling time by 40%. Having a reliable call tracking platform in place is a win-win – not only will your customers benefit from a better experience, you’ll also have access to rich data, learn more about your clients and not risk getting left behind as AI and machine learning accelerate the industry. If you’re keen to learn more about data analytical tools and how to improve your tracking on campaigns, please get in touch and if you’d like more information on Infinity call tracking pricing, check out their website.