From White Space to Wanderlust: Decoding a Travel Brand’s Dream Guest

Passion Digital Passion Digital 25/01/2024 2 minutes

My journey to understand the target audience for my SEO agency and our travel client began by closely examining their landing pages. The design of a website often provides subtle clues about who its intended audience may be. In this case, I noticed a lot of white on their pages. White is often associated with cleanliness, purity and quality which suggests that they are targeting audiences that value high-quality travel experiences.

To dive deeper, I utilised Ahrefs, a comprehensive SEO tool, to identify the organic keywords that were driving traffic to our client’s site. This step was a crucial one in this process because it gave me insight into what potential customers were searching for when they found our client’s website. The keywords painted a picture of the audience’s interests, needs and desires in terms of their travel.

To make sense of the large volume of keywords, I organised them into different categories and subcategories using Excel. Categories such as ‘couples’, ‘family’, and ‘adults only’ were created to group similar keywords together. This categorisation process allowed me to understand more about the types of individuals making these search queries, giving us greater insight into who our client’s target audience might be.

The culmination of these efforts led me to a more concrete understanding of our client’s target audience. It became clear that they cater to individuals and groups who value quality and cleanliness in their travel experiences. These could be couples looking for a honeymoon or romantic getaway, families seeking memorable vacations or adults wanting a serene escape. This understanding will help guide my future marketing strategies, ensuring that my efforts are tailored to effectively engage and resonate with this audience.