Imagine Better Series: The Future of Call Tracking

Passion Digital Passion Digital 30/11/2023 3 minutes

Leveraging data analytics is important for businesses aiming to refine their digital marketing strategies effectively. By integrating Call Tracking into your toolkit, you can figure out which marketing channels, keywords, and ads are driving the most phone calls to your business so you can allocate your budget more effectively and optimise your campaigns for better conversion rates. That’s why we partner with Infinity and are a Hub Certified Partner.

To delve into the transformative impact of tracking calls and where the future of this technology is heading, we invited Alex Hoffmann, our Managing Partner at Passion Digital and Chris Browne, Head of Insights at Infinity for an insightful discussion. Together, they explored the significance of call tracking in today’s business landscape and envisioned its future trajectory.

How Infinity Call Tracking Will Revolutionise Your Business

Here is how we prepare for the future of call tracking and how this will change in the future:

  • Omnichannel marketing is growing and there are numerous touchpoints for the customer, this means that having visibility over all data not just for calls, but across the customer journey, will help you make smarter decisions
  • Track call data to identify trends and patterns in customer behaviour. This information can be used to improve your marketing campaigns and target the right audience
  • Use the data that you have available, Infinity call tracking offers really insightful data on what happens on a call made to your business. This even includes what the sentiment of the call was, which will help marketers pivot strategies to continue to deliver the best quality leads

Benefits of Call Tracking

Here are some of the key benefits of call tracking for digital marketing:

  • Measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns: Call tracking gives you a complete picture of how your marketing campaigns are performing, including the number of phone calls they’re driving and the value of those calls. This information can be used to calculate the ROI of each campaign and identify which ones are most effective at driving revenue
  • Optimise your marketing spend: Once you know which marketing channels and campaigns are driving the most phone calls, you can allocate your budget more effectively. This can help you reduce your cost per lead and cost per acquisition and improve your overall return on investment
  • Improve your customer experience: Call tracking can also be used to improve the customer experience. For example, you can use call tracking data to identify which pages on your website are leading to the most phone calls and then optimise those pages to make it easier for customers to reach you. You can also use call tracking data to identify and address common customer pain points
  • Get insights into customer behaviour: Call tracking data can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour, such as what keywords they’re searching for, what products they’re interested in and what their pain points are. This information can be used to improve your marketing messages, target the right audience and improve your overall customer experience

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Overall, call tracking is a valuable tool for any business that wants to improve its digital marketing campaigns and drive more revenue. It’s easy to set up and use and it can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and the performance of your marketing campaigns.

The future of call tracking is now – organisations leveraging call analytics tools can reduce average handling time by 40%. If you’re not sure where to begin with call tracking software, please get in touch with us to learn more and Imagine Better attribution for your campaigns.