Key Learnings from Brighton SEO 2017


On Friday last week, some of the Passion Digital team took a trip to the South Coast to glean some knowledge from the expert speakers at the renowned Brighton SEO conference. Members from our Technical SEO and Content departments attended insightful talks on a broad range of subjects from carefully selected industry leaders and entrepreneurs. These included:

The Digital Pond – Digital Marketing Strategy Building Event


This past week we sent a member of the Passion Digital team to an event we have never attended before – the Digital Pond. The event was held right on the outskirts of the city in Aldgate, within walking distance of the station and hosted in the fantastic facilities of the General Assembly campus. I

Google’s voice search: How much impact does it have?


voice search
Well, quite a lot as it turns out. With voice search becoming more popular as the years pass, it begins to have more of an impact on businesses SEO strategies. First I’ll outline just how popular voice search has become over time. After that, I’ll delve a bit into how this changes how we should

The Future of Search: Our Predictions For The Next 12 Months


Google voice search
Here at Passion Digital, we believe that big changes are coming in the world of Search over the next 12 months. We’ll break them down in two areas: discoverability/search engines and content. Discoverability, search engine and technical SEO changes In a world where most companies are now online, it’s getting more and more complicated to
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