The Future of Search: Our Predictions For The Next 12 Months


Google voice search
Here at Passion Digital, we believe that big changes are coming in the world of Search over the next 12 months. We’ll break them down in two areas: discoverability/search engines and content. Discoverability, search engine and technical SEO changes In a world where most companies are now online, it’s getting more and more complicated to

Is Two Better Than One? Considerations for Merging Websites


If you have a portfolio of websites, deciding to do away with (or ‘sunsetting’, for those of a more delicate disposition) one of them can be a tough decision. Much like the cliché when it comes to breaking-up with a not-so-loved one, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons associated with merging (two or

Digital Marketing for the Travel Industry: An Extended Buying Cycle


Search engine optimisation (SEO) within the travel and tourism sector is brutal. Not only are travel websites up against mammoth travel brands, but they also have direct competitors, review websites and travel aggregators to contend with. This makes for an immensely competitive search space and some serious barriers to entry for any new kids on the block. The

How Does “Thinking Mobile” Impact SEO Strategy?


content marketing Although it varies by industry, thanks to second-screening and the monumental rise of the smartphone you can almost guarantee that a large proportion of visitors to your website are using a mobile device. If you’re not adjusting your SEO strategy accordingly, then you’re going to lose out on traffic.
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