‘The Power Of Curation in a World of Excess’ – Thoughts on Lecture by Michael Bhaskar


‘Curation’ is the latest buzzword in media and tech. Propelled by the advent of social media and a new culture of consumer consumption, the word has become important as we struggle to arrange and give meaning to the reams of media information on offer. ‘Curation’, the art of selecting useful information to produce meaningful collections,

The Aftermath of the SERP Shake-Up – Google Removes Right Hand Side Adverts


google SERP changes
So it’s been about 1 month since Google decided to remove paid adverts from the right hand side of the search results pages. When this first happened our first reaction was probably the same as a many others, ‘what will happen to the cost of clicks?’ We imagined inflated click-costs and clients’ CPA’s increasing. Not

High 5! SEO Tricks, Budweiser, Twitter Algo, AOL/Bing and Beer Pong


Every week we round-up the 5 stories in digital marketing that we’re chatting about across our desks and share our opinions on them: 1. The ‘What time does the Super Bowl start?’ SEO Trick Loses Its Luster There are still a number of small tricks publishers among other business’ use in order to rank well for terms with

Digital Revolution in the Food and Drink Industry


Digital Point of Sale
If you’ve dined out recently, chances are you’ve spotted a pub or restaurant with tablets or iPads mounted in enclosures on every table. This is the latest digital dining experience sweeping across the UK, thanks in part to the surge in popularity of the iPad as a tool used in many industries. At its most
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