Breaking News! – Passion Digital Link Building Joint Venture

Passion Digital Passion Digital 25/07/2022 2 minutes

You read the headline right, we’ve got breaking news! 

This is the first of its kind for Passion Digital — we are entering a new growth phase! A joint venture with one of our partner agencies, a global link building agency by the name of Seeders

This exciting new venture gives our current and potential clients access to one of the biggest global publishing networks which, together with Passion’s current Digital PR proposition, aims to enhance our clients’ organic visibility to new heights.

What Does This Mean for Passion and Our Clients?

This collaboration will be the first of its kind for Passion. We pride ourselves on being a performance marketing agency and by joining Seeders, which specialises in link building, we can continue to increase each other’s rapport for client success. 

The joint venture will enable Seeders to rely on Passion Digital’s authority in the UK market while Passion benefits by expanding its SEO offering and having access to one of the biggest global publishing networks. The collaboration will also advance innovation-led growth, allow both businesses to offer cutting edge digital marketing services and help clients improve their digital performance and rankings.

Who will be working on the new Joint Venture?

These three lovely Passionistas will be working together to launch this joint venture:

What do we have to say about it?

We are really excited to work with Seeders and help launch the London office — the European reach is very much in line with our growth objectives. This joint venture will supercharge our SEO offering and allow us to provide an even better service to our UK and international clients.’

Alexandre Hoffmann, Managing Partner

Seeders is an exciting company, well managed and has credible ambitions. It’s great to be aligned and contributing to its fast expanding network. Being able to offer our clients high value, multi-country link building and SEO services as a one-stop-shop can only sharpen our proposition for clients.’

Tim Greatrex, CEO at Passion Digital

How will this benefit Seeders?

Seeders is entering the UK market and partnering with Passion will enable it to rely on Passion’s authority in the UK market. This is what Dennis Akkerman, CEO at Seeders, had to say about it:

We are proud to announce this joint venture with Passion Digital, who we have built a strong relationship with over the years. Our partnership with Passion Digital offers us a great foothold in London and will give our international clients a solid entrance into the highly competitive UK market”

Dennis Akkerman, CEO at Seeders

Here at Passion HQ we are all excited to collaborate with Seeders and aim to become a leading link-building service on the UK market and internationally. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with our SEO and link-building services.

Now enough about us! Why don’t you head on over to the Seeders site to see what it’s all about.