Coronavirus support and digital marketing advice

How Do Marketers Identify Primary Competitors?


At Passion Digital, we always start every digital marketing programme with research and insight work. Very often our clients are excited to jump in and want to activate a campaign immediately, and we understand that – they have brought us on board to improve their ROI and want to see results as soon as possible.  

Content Marketing Trends for 2021


At the time that we recorded our projected content marketing trends for 2020, we did not expect that this year would pan out the way it has.  When – after an already troublesome start of Australian bushfires, tragic airplane crashes in Iran and Pakistan and the impeachment of the American president – the coronavirus pandemic

Copywriting Guidelines During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Since the coronavirus hit earlier this year, it’s hard to go anywhere without hearing about it. It’s all over your social newsfeeds, companies everywhere are releasing coronavirus support landing pages on their websites (yes, including us) and you’re always eagerly awaiting the next update about the loosening of lockdown restrictions. Sure, we’re all talking about

This Week in my Newsfeed: Johnny


What has Johnny – our Senior PPC Executive – been retweeting, watching and sharing memes about this week?  This week, as in the eight that preceded it, my social feeds have been dominated by COVID-19 news and opinion. Everyone has been throwing their two cents in because… well, what else is there to do right

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