Dealing with Mental Health in the Workplace


The 10th of October marks World Mental Health Day 2019. Here at Passion Digital we are dedicated to supporting mental health in the workplace and are constantly implementing and improving our initiatives to improve wellbeing at work. Here are some thoughts on dealing with mental health in the workplace from our HR Manager, Channing Cox.

10 Tips On How To Keep Your Clients Happy


A happy client base is pivotal for any agency to grow and develop. Satisfied, happy clients are loyal, they will not leave you for the competition and in times of crisis can become true allies of your agency. On the other hand, these are the clients who recommend you to their friends, family and business

Blogging for Business: How & why your business should blog


This Business Blogging Bible includes: THE BENEFITS OF BLOGGING FOR BUSINESSES THE 7 PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS BLOGGING  DOWNLOADABLE BLOG CONTENT CALENDAR TEMPLATE Most business owners are aware that they should be blogging. But through no fault of their own the blog might be lacking insight, direction, purpose and quite frankly is as useful as a

What Does Voice Search Mean for Your Business?


Hey Siri, are you single? The popularity of voice assistants has been on a steady rise since Apple pioneered Siri in April 2011 (yes, it HAS been 7 years!). Since then, Google (Google Assistant), Microsoft (Cortana) and Amazon (Alexa) have also joined the game. International players are not behind. Chinese giants Baidu and Alibaba also
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