The History of the Hashtag


History of the hashtag
The humble hashtag began its life not as a tool for grouping conversations online but as a somewhat useless symbol. It first appeared as a replacement on American standard keyboards for the £ sign, despite the fact there was no clear use for it. There wasn’t even a universally accepted name for it, it was

The Digital Pond – Digital Marketing Strategy Building Event


This past week we sent a member of the Passion Digital team to an event we have never attended before – the Digital Pond. The event was held right on the outskirts of the city in Aldgate, within walking distance of the station and hosted in the fantastic facilities of the General Assembly campus. I

Is 2016 the year of ‘Digital Transformation’?


If you take blogospher headlines as any kind of indicator, then 2015 was absolutely the year of ‘Big Data’.  Big data hasn’t gone anywhere, and it certainly isn’t any less valuable for marketing insights, but all of a sudden the digital community is abuzz with the sound of digital transformation. But that’s not without good

Ad Blocking and the Future of the Digital Landscape


I recently attended a breakfast seminar in Edinburgh (hosted by DigitalLBi and BIMA Scotland) which covered the rather contentious subject of ad blocking, and the assorted panel of speakers raised some incredibly interesting points which I thought were worth sharing. What is Ad Blocking? At their most basic, ad blockers are applications such as plugins
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