Dealing with Mental Health in the Workplace


The 10th of October marks World Mental Health Day 2019. Here at Passion Digital we are dedicated to supporting mental health in the workplace and are constantly implementing and improving our initiatives to improve wellbeing at work. Here are some thoughts on dealing with mental health in the workplace from our HR Manager, Channing Cox.

How to Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing: Managerial Point of View


Starting a career in any area is a big step. The idea of building your career by following your interests and things that you’re good at is an exciting prospect that will affect your life beyond just the professional. Over the course of our careers, all of us face different challenges and opportunities to grow

How to Identify the Best Reactive Content Opportunities For Your Brand and Audience


One of the best ways to get your business noticed and build a good base of back-links to your website is to hone your reactive content. Creating reactive content promotes your brand as not only being tapped into the news cycle, but also tapped into what your audience wants and is interested in. What is

Competitor Keyword Analysis With Python


Competitor Analysis with Pyton
Competitor Keyword Analysis – How Can Python Help? Competitor keyword analysis as part of a keyword research is a task that every SEO specialist is very much familiar with. Finding the right keywords for your new content ideas is great, but assessing the competitive landscape for them is even better. By knowing how many competitors
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