Keeping Up With The Queen [INTERACTIVE TIMELINE]


Keeping Up With The Queen
With 2016 being the year of The Queen’s 90th birthday we decided to celebrate by creating an interactive timeline that allows you to journey through her life.  Head to Keeping Up With The Queen and simply enter how old you are and learn about what she was doing at your age.  Quite frankly, it will

The Best Ways For A Client To Provide Constructive Feedback To A Designer


Feedback Loops
When it comes to logos, clients and designers can often get trapped in an infinite loop of feedback and reiteration. Designers need constructive feedback in order to refine a concept, but non-designers don’t always have the ability to communicate this direction. Our tips for providing feedback to designers will help your project stay on the

Is Two Better Than One? Considerations for Merging Websites


If you have a portfolio of websites, deciding to do away with (or ‘sunsetting’, for those of a more delicate disposition) one of them can be a tough decision. Much like the cliché when it comes to breaking-up with a not-so-loved one, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons associated with merging (two or

The Age of Digital Triumph in Cinema & Photography


With blockbusters of varying quality hitting the screens weekly, some of us are left to contemplate what happened to the days of classic cinema, that is, the heyday of celluloid. Growing up, my fascination for cinema was complimented by my equal love for 35mm film. I found the aesthetic quality of film much more appealing
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