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Construction Search Trends Report – March 2024


Following the success of our joint events on the Future of Search and Paid Search with industry expert Frank Harrison and Croft Analytics, we’re thrilled to announce a powerful new partnership! Together, we’ll be your compass, navigating the ever-evolving world of search trends and user intent across industries and around the globe.

Why We’re Passionate About Search Trends

At Passion Digital, we believe understanding search intent is the foundation for a successful digital strategy. By diving deep into what users are searching for including the topics that they want to hear about and the brands they’re looking at, we can paint a clearer picture of user behaviour and desires to inform search strategies for different industries.

Uncover Construction Marketing Trends

In our first paper, we look at construction industry trends via search. The construction industry is the largest industry in the global economy. Croft Analytics has analysed search trends for construction companies in the five major European markets and outlined trends for some of the key topics in the sector globally.

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This report is your trusted toolbelt for navigating the ever-changing search landscape within construction. Download your free copy today and empower yourself to make data-driven decisions. If you’re ready to dissect the data even further and Imagine Better for your brand, get in touch and let’s build something remarkable together!

You can download our report here.