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Knight Frank - International

Knight Frank is a market-leading, internationally renowned estate consultant, which has been providing innovative property solutions for over 125 years, with 384 offices and 16,000+ employees across 51 territories. To support increasing the volume of high-quality leads for users looking to buy property internationally, we implemented and optimised campaigns targeting key countries and cities around the world.

Services provided:
Paid Media

Driving international lead volume

Our ads were seen by 3.4 million users, with traffic to the site increasing by 35% YoY, leading to a significant drop in cost per lead (CPL) of -87% and lead volume increasing by +1,283%.

What we did

Knight Frank has entrusted us for over 2 years to run PPC activity for multiple service channels across their offering. This consists of Lettings & Landlords, Vendor, New Homes and International services, whilst also protecting their brand name within the SERPs.

When it comes to our strategic approach, we used efficient account structures, utilised effective DSA campaigns and made more use of advanced Search Ads 360 bidding strategies, which allowed us to see great results over 2020-21, particularly within our ‘International’ account, where we targeted users looking to buy properties outside of the UK.

The Challenge

Launching international PPC activity, as exciting as it is, can all go wrong rather quickly if you don’t take the time to consider budgeting, account structure and unique regional trends. It was important to consider the demand and stock for properties in each country, as well as where users are located, so plenty of initial testing was important to provide us with enough data to optimise our campaigns and inform our strategy.

Using a combination of internal stock and strategies, as well as worldwide search volumes, we were able to implement an effective strategy that was highly targeted and adaptable.

The Approach

Our strategy consisted of multiple prongs, from testing translated ad copy to implementing advanced Search Ads 360 bidding strategies.

Efficient structures

By segmenting out our campaigns to individual cities rather than countries alone, we were able to promote highly targeted ad messaging relevant to the location. We also managed the budget more effectively, shifting the budget when stock demand called for it, whilst taking search volumes and seasonality trends into consideration.

Increased DSA activity

Due to the initially strong performance seen in Dynamic Search Ads activity, we invested more heavily in these campaign types, expanding to new territories to help build on the momentum.

This helped us improve Dynamic Search Ads performance YoY, with conversion rates for these campaigns increasing by 210% YoY, helping generate a -47% decrease in CPL.

Advanced Bidding Strategies

Through increased use of Search Ads 360 and their advanced bidding strategies, and increasingly shifting away from manual bidding, campaign performance became much more stable and has continued to perform well moving into 21/22.

Results & Stats


increase in Clicks


increase in Conversion Rate


increase in Leads


decrease in Cost per Lead

With this in mind, we’ve seen tremendous results in international performance for 21/22 compared to 20/21.

Overall lead volume has increased by 1,250% YoY, with overall Cost Per Lead decreasing by -36% YoY, while overall conversion rate has improved by +900%.

Looking Ahead to 22/23

Moving into 22/23 with an abundance of data to help inform our strategic thinking, we went a step further in terms of optimising spending towards seasonality trends. Through analysing search volume for countries throughout the year, we were able to phase our budget in line with seasonal shifts in search volumes. We were also able to optimise our budget towards the locations where the user is searching in, based on the best performance.