Knight Frank - International

Strategic spend optimisation based on demand

Utilising historic and real-time data to predict global trends and build upon success, we achieved an increase in conversion rate of 26% and a decrease in cost per lead of 14.5%.

Services provided:
Paid Media

Project Background

Knight Frank (KF) – the UK’s leading real estate consultancy – has entrusted us for over 2 years to run PPC activity for multiple service channels across their offering. This consists of Lettings & Landlords, Vendor, New Homes and International services, whilst also protecting their brand name within the SERPs.

When you’re achieving good results for a client, it’s easy to get complacent. After all, why fix what isn’t broken? However, at Passion Digital we felt confident we could further improve our performance for KF, specifically for their international branch.

Our Strategy

Historically, the budget was evenly distributed throughout the financial year. However, the seasonality of a fast-paced industry like real estate was not being considered.

We looked at seasonality trends alongside internal priorities and historical performance data in a bid to drive a strong volume of leads within budget. We also brought learnings from our 2021 in-platform data and PPC stats to pinpoint when/where our target audience was searching for property. Combining all that data and applying creative thinking, we formulated a ‘Search Volume Heatmap’ which overlayed KF’s property stock for each country so that we could ensure budgets became efficiently distributed.

The heatmap also complements other tactical elements, including:

  • Global targeting of countries/cities: Using data to segment beyond country-level to key individual cities, followed by data analysis to inform exclusions
  • Broad match keywords: Reach target audiences migrating from exact match keywords to wide ranging algorithm generation
  • Automated bidding: Advanced SA360 bidding strategies utilised to complement broad match strategy

Results & Stats


increase in conversion rate


increase in conversion


decrease in cost per lead

Results for Q122 have brought major YoY increases, exceeding our targets. While we targeted a larger market with an increased budget, the true contributor is our innovative data-led strategy and reactiveness to key updates within the international real estate market.