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Cambridge Dictionary

Making words meaningful through social

Cambridge Dictionary

About the project

Cambridge University Press are the owners of the Cambridge Dictionary. Cambridge Dictionary is active across several social platforms and has a combined audience of over 2 million people worldwide. Their mission is to help and support people around the world who are learning English as a second language.

Cambridge University Press came to Passion for help with their organic social media strategy and management for the Cambridge Dictionary channels. Their goal was to increase engagement within their key channels and increase social referral traffic to their online dictionary site.

What we did

Purely organic social is typically difficult to see results from, particularly on Facebook due to the constantly changing algorithms - Facebook does not prioritise unsponsored branded content, so creativity and high quality are key to work with the algorithm.

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Creativity on social is one of the key engagement drivers – content must be aesthetically pleasing as well as informative, educational or helpful for your specific audience. There also must be a consistent and strong brand cohesion from the website through to social assets to ensure that the brand is recognisable at each touchpoint the user may encounter.

We began by creating a range of visual templates to be used across the social media channels, which linked in with their brand guidelines and website feel. Vibrancy and consistency were key in order to capture the attention of our audience and to make the Cambridge Dictionary easily identifiable.

Once the creative aspects of our scope were finalised, next was to create a posting strategy. Each social media channel will require a separate strategy; while recycling content is fine to do, it should always be in the context of the platform you’re posting on. Posting time, channel objective, frequency, channels and content type should be considered here.

To encourage the increase of audience engagement we created community-based content through the use of CTAs, competitions and encouraging discussions among the audience themselves in comments.


increase in Twitter referral traffic


increase in new users from Facebook


increase in engagements post creative developments

Results & Stats

The Results