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Yoga London

Imagine better interrogation of data to optimise PPC campaigns

We synced Yoga London’s CRM to Google Ads so we could link leads to revenue increasing platform conversions by 98%, CVR by 32% and ROAS by X2.

Services provided:

Project Background

Yoga London provide professional yoga development qualifications. They were struggling to see the true value their leads were generating, including the sales and revenue attributed to leads, which ultimately limited scalability.

They called on Passion to assist them in devising a PPC strategy that truly delivers optimum quality leads.

Our Strategy

We synced their CRM to Google Ads so we could link leads to revenue. This allowed us to make strategic, data led optimisation decisions. By interrogating data we found that the keyword ‘yoga teacher training’ was delivering the most leads on Google Ads but passing back the CRM revenue data, we identified that the keyword ‘training courses’ had the highest revenue CR%.

With this in mind we re-aligned the budget to be in-line with true ROAS, delivering more of those leads that would be more likely to convert.

Results & Stats


increase in platform conversions


increase in CVR


increase in ROAS

Across six months, by thoroughly interrogating data we were able to increase platform conversions by 98%, increase CVR by 32% and increase ROAS by X2.