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How to Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing: Managerial Point of View


Starting a career in any area is a big step. The idea of building your career by following your interests and things that you’re good at is an exciting prospect that will affect your life beyond just the professional. Over the course of our careers, all of us face different challenges and opportunities to grow

Transformation Training and How it can Build your Business


Digital transformation has been one of the business buzzwords of the last few years. Although we don’t have an awful lot of time for buzzwords, we do understand the strategic importance of the transformation process for businesses of every size. Very simply, digital transformation is the process of adapting existing business practices to new digital

5 Tips to Keep Employees Happy and Reduce Staff Turnover in the Digital World


There is no longer such a thing as a job for life. Younger workers, in particular, see chopping and changing jobs as a reality of working life and a necessity if they are to get to where they want to be. According to research by life insurance firm LV, a UK worker switches jobs every

5 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy isn’t Working


It’s been three months and you’ve seen absolutely no results from your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. The burning question is – why? In SEO terms, three months is not a long time, but you would typically expect to see some improvement in your rankings by now, which would lead to a boost in traffic.

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