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Why use Passion Digital for your international expansion?

We are a London-based international SEO agency that can help you make your business discoverable worldwide. Our international SEO services use localised authentic language combined with targeted strategy to boost your digital presence in countries throughout EMEA and APAC.

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Passion Digital Ltd.’s responsiveness and high-quality work have helped them dramatically increase the client’s visibility. Their remarkable SEO skills are perfectly in line with the client’s social media strategies, and their deep understanding of the firm’s branding encourages ongoing engagement.

We’ve been looking at our visibility versus our competition, and we’ve done very well compared to other companies. In fact, we’re only chasing one company at the moment. Their excellent site traffic and SEO support as well as their understanding of how those metrics complement what we’re doing on our social media have helped us achieve our goals.

Overall, we’ve been truly impressed with the improvements they’ve made as well as the results of their work. As a result, we’ve recommended them to another company.

Kiran Noonan Managing Director

They really spent the time to understand the company when we first began working together. I’ve worked with a couple of SEO agencies over the last sort of eight or nine years, and a lot of the time, they’re very numbers-focused, which you would expect — the numbers dictate the content.

I think because Passion spent so long and put so much time and effort into understanding the business, the tone of voice, and our position in the market, they’ve provided a unique ability to marry a numbers-focused strategy with a content plan. It’s very much in tune with what we want, and it’s the kind of flavor we would expect — I personally haven’t experienced that with another organic search agency.

Dale Bray Digital Marketing Manager

The services we offer


International site structure

Separate ccTLD? Subfolders? Subdomains? Are you targeting only different languages or regions with the same language? How does your international content fit within your current website? We identify the best solutions for you depending on your wider international goals.


Market and language targeting

For your website to perform in international searches and deliver a first class experience to global visitors, it’s essential to write your content in the language your target country speaks. We only use native linguists who understand the nuances and specifics of their mother tongue.


Content localisation

We always work with local teams of writers to ensure accurate authentic content that fits the local users’ needs, provides the best user experience and delivers on point EEAT.


Technical setup

We do a full audit of your site and recommend international SEO best practices. Implementing the correct hreflang tags, meta language tags and correct geolocation settings are pivotal to success.


Local audience & keyword research

Translating keyword research for your primary market is not enough. You need to understand the market you want to target, know what they talk about, what they care about, and how they behave online. We carry out extensive keyword research on your target country, creating a huge list of keywords that are cross referenced by our native speaker.


International competitor analysis

Knowing your competition is essential to any SEO strategy and can help you better understand the local market you want to target. Our research taps into your competitor and their online landscape. What do they offer, and how? What keywords do they target? What type of content works for them?


International link building

Building links from different countries is extremely complicated due to language barriers, cultural differences, and industry behaviour. However, this is crucial for the success of any international SEO strategy, so we use our local insights to provide a local strategy for each of your target markets.


Search engine considerations

Your preferred search engine can vary significantly across the regions you aim to reach. Our initial research will help you uncover potential avenues for expansion, ensuring you’re focusing where it matters most.

Our approach to international SEO.

Think global, act local.

The main challenge of expanding a website internationally lies in the variety of stakeholders involved in the process. Our approach to global SEO can be flexible depending on your organisation’s needs. We believe in having a strong, centralised and comprehensive strategy that can be executed by our SEO team or by your local offices under our guidance.

Develop a governance framework with the parties involved

Our journey in navigating the complexities of international SEO is underpinned by a robust framework that ensures consistency and adaptability across multiple markets. This approach is twofold: establishing a strong set of standards, best practices and roll-out processes, and implementing effective governance.

Across every market we maintain a uniformity that stands as the foundation of our global strategy. This doesn’t mean a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a flexible framework that allows for nuance. Our roll-out processes are designed to be scalable and adaptable, ensuring we can implement our strategies swiftly, regardless of the market. This systematic approach allows us to maintain consistency in our efforts, ensuring that every market receives the same level of dedication and expertise.

Setting up the technical foundations of your website

First, we make sure site structure is meticulously planned—think of it as the backbone of our approach, designed to guide search engines through  content with clarity and precision. It’s all about making your site easily navigable for users and search engines.

Then, we turn our attention to the clever use of hreflang tags. This isn’t just technical jargon; it’s our way of ensuring that the right people find your content, tailored to their language and region. It’s about creating a welcoming space for everyone, no matter where they are in the world.

Our multimarket CMS setup is another cornerstone of our strategy. This behind-the-scenes powerhouse allows us to seamlessly manage content across various countries, ensuring our message remains consistent yet locally relevant. It’s the engine room of our global outreach, enabling us to adapt swiftly and efficiently.

Lastly, we give special consideration to indexation and currency. Ensuring that our pages are correctly indexed for each market and displaying prices in local currencies isn’t just about being found—it’s about being relevant and accessible to our international visitors.


Develop a tailored keyword-targeting strategy

To start, you’ll want to pinpoint the correct keywords that truly capture what your content and services are all about. This initial step is more than just important—it’s the foundation that will guide the content that follows. Once you’ve identified your keywords, the next step is translating them to make sense in your target international markets. But here’s where it becomes a bit more complex. Simply translating words isn’t going to suffice; you need to localise these translated keywords.

This means adapting them to fit local dialects, cultural nuances, and the specific ways people search in different areas. It’s all about making your keywords relatable and relevant to individuals from different cultures. You’ve also got to check if these localised keywords actually have the potential to attract your desired audience. This involves a deep dive into search volumes, the competition, and understanding the cultural context of your target markets. Are these keywords going to attract the right kind of traffic? That’s the big question. By following these steps, you’re not just conducting keyword research; you’re crafting a strategy that ensures your content doesn’t just reach a global audience but truly resonates with them, no matter where they’re from.

Create localised content

In crafting our international SEO strategy, we emphasise content—the essence of our connection with a global audience.

In our content creation, we’re not just churning out articles; we’re telling stories that resonate. Each piece is crafted with global appeal in mind, yet flexible enough to be adapted for local nuances. It’s about striking the right balance between universal themes and local interests.

Content localisation goes a step further. It’s not merely about translating words; it’s about reshaping our content to fit cultural contexts, local customs, and consumer behaviours. This process ensures that our content doesn’t just speak to our audience in their language but resonates with their daily lives and experiences. It’s about making every reader feel seen and understood, ensuring the content feels like it was created just for them, no matter where they are in the world.

Lastly, we wholeheartedly embrace the principle that translating content is not enough. True engagement comes from cultural empathy and the ability to convey nuances that translation tools often miss. Our approach involves native speakers and cultural consultants who help us navigate the complex web of cultural subtleties, ensuring our content is accurate, culturally relevant, and engaging.

Report locally and globally

The complexity of operating across various markets with distinct KPIs needs a sophisticated approach to monitoring our progress. To this end, we’ve embraced the concept of a centralised measurement dashboard as a cornerstone of our strategy. This dashboard isn’t just a tool; it’s our compass in the digital landscape, enabling us to report on traffic and ranking data with precision and clarity.

The beauty of a centralised dashboard lies in its ability to aggregate data from diverse markets into a unified platform. This means that despite the varying KPIs that might define success in different regions, we can view, analyse, and compare performances at a glance. It’s about transcending the barriers of data silos and bringing together a holistic view of our global footprint.

Moreover, this dashboard serves as a critical tool for strategic decision-making. Having real-time access to traffic and ranking data across different markets, we can swiftly identify trends, pinpoint areas requiring attention, and celebrate successes where our strategies have hit the mark.

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