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We create SEO-friendly content marketing strategies that will resonate with your target audience to help you meet your goals.

Why trust Passion Digital with your content marketing?

Our content marketing strategies excel because they are rooted in data, audience insights and market research. Whether you want to reach a new audience, grow and increase engagement with your existing audience or promote a specific product or service, content marketing will get your carefully crafted message to the right audience, at the right time.

Passion’s content marketing services can give you bigger and better campaigns that go beyond blog posts and site copy. We can lead the creation of unique and innovative content such as multi-channel content campaigns, infographics, comprehensive guides, video content, mini-sites, reports, and so much more.

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Passion Digital Ltd.’s responsiveness and high-quality work have helped them dramatically increase the client’s visibility. Their remarkable SEO skills are perfectly in line with the client’s social media strategies, and their deep understanding of the firm’s branding encourages ongoing engagement.

We’ve been looking at our visibility versus our competition, and we’ve done very well compared to other companies. In fact, we’re only chasing one company at the moment. Their excellent site traffic and SEO support as well as their understanding of how those metrics complement what we’re doing on our social media have helped us achieve our goals.

Overall, we’ve been truly impressed with the improvements they’ve made as well as the results of their work. As a result, we’ve recommended them to another company.

Kiran Noonan Managing Director

They really spent the time to understand the company when we first began working together. I’ve worked with a couple of SEO agencies over the last sort of eight or nine years and a lot of the time, they’re very numbers-focused, which you would expect – the numbers dictate the content.

I think because Passion spent so long and put so much time and effort into understanding the business, the tone of voice and our position in the market, they’ve provided a unique ability to marry a numbers-focused strategy with a content plan. It’s very much in tune with what we want and it’s the kind of flavor we would expect – I personally haven’t experienced that with another organic search agency.

Dale Bray Digital Marketing Manager

Why is content marketing important for your marketing strategy?


Content helps you rank

If you want to increase your authority in the eyes of search engines – and boost your rankings in the search results page – you need a good amount of useful, enriched content on your website.


Content drives traffic

While some content is time sensitive, most content is evergreen meaning it is timeless, somewhat seasonless and has permanence so it will continue to drive traffic to your website with little to no effort long after it’s been published.


Content builds brand awareness

When executed as part of wider brand building activity, content can help communicate your unique brand values and personality. We put real thought into your tone of voice and the topics we write about, ensuring they fit your style.


Content helps build backlinks

Having great content means that other websites will want to link to you, which leads to referral traffic, improved brand awareness and increased domain authority. 


Content build trust and authority

Trust factors have become increasingly important since Google’s E-E-A-T update. That’s why we consider it our responsibility to ensure your content hub is SSL secure, has good user experience, is underpinned by your internal experts and shows off your credentials.

Our areas of expertise


Content Strategy

Depending on your goals, our content marketing experts work with you to define a content strategy that will help future proof your business, by increasing organic visibility, improving brand recognition across channels and generating customer loyalty.


Content Marketing Campaigns

Passion Digital specialises in strategising content marketing campaigns that reach new audiences, provoke engagement and utilise SEO, digital PR and Paid knowledge to ensure a fully rounded approach and tangible results.


Content Optimisation

Central to any SEO content strategy should be content optimisation tactics. A vital component to organic performance, published content is optimised and reoptimised to ensure correct keywords are targeted, content is formatted correctly, title tags are accurate and Google can properly rank your content.


Informational Content

Blog and informational content are key to organic performance and longevity. Informed by SEO opportunities, audience insights and market research, we define a content calendar that is designed to drive engagement, turn interest to intent and scale audiences.


SEO Content

Every business needs conversion-focused landing pages that showcase its product or service. Carefully crafted to target commercial keywords but appeal to real, human consumers, SEO content is an essential bottom-of-the-funnel tactic.


Content Performance and Analysis

Growth comes from insight and reporting on content performance provides the key learnings needed to iterate, improve and evolve. Based off defined objectives and KPIs, bespoke multichannel Looker Studio dashboards are created to provide a holistic overview and identify opportunities.

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