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Stashbee SEO Case Study

Good foundations add value!

A year after delivering SEO & Content for Stashbee the website was receiving more than 100% more generic traffic to inner pages.

The challenge.

In 2020, Anthony & David (co-founders of Stashbee) reached out to us with the desire to supercharge the organic visibility of their marketplace in order to compete against well established brands (including Gumtree, JustPark and YourParkingSpace) to which we said: “Challenge accepted.”

Since 2016, Stashbee has been busy building a platform that connects people with unused space to people who need it. This platform – an online marketplace featuring a wide range of storage spaces and parking locations – makes it easy to find and book a location near you.

Our response.

To compete in the big league, we approached the challenge using technical SEO, on-site optimisation, content marketing and outreach. At the time, the website wasn’t completely built with SEO in mind. Therefore, the first task was overhauling the site information architecture to make it scalable. Once we had the foundations in place, we spent much time making it fast, ensuring it would pass all the Core Web Vitals, and making the user experience as seamless as possible.

At the same time, we conducted very large keyword research across all the products and locations to identify which locations and pages would need to be created to start ranking for local queries. Once we mapped out all those new pages, we updated the navigation to reflect our new IA and allowed Google crawlers to access and index all those new pages.

But we did not stop there. We wanted those pages to be unique and rank high, so we created optimised content, starting with the top location pages.

On the content marketing front, we created a new blog to have a constant stream of new and interesting content to be able to target users further up the user journey. So far, the blog has a wide range of articles talking about parking, garages, laws and regulations, but it also features some light-hearted, cultural topics related to the time of the year.

  • 72%

    Increase in organic sessions (YoY)

  • 103%

    Increase in generic organic sessions to inner pages (YoY)

  • 424%

    Increase in organic sessions to the parking section (YoY)

  • 46.5%

    Page 1 rankings up 46.5%

The impact.

After a year of analysis, creation, optimisation, testing, and learning, the results have been phenomenal, and we have seen a tremendous increase across our main 2 priorities: parking and garages.

The journey is far from over. There is still a lot of potential and with the introduction of off-site SEO and Digital PR, Stashbee is set to have another record-breaking year.

Passion Digital Ltd.’s responsiveness and high-quality work have helped them dramatically increase the client’s visibility. Their remarkable SEO skills are perfectly in line with the client’s social media strategies, and their deep understanding of the firm’s branding encourages ongoing engagement.

We’ve been looking at our visibility versus our competition, and we’ve done very well compared to other companies. In fact, we’re only chasing one company at the moment. Their excellent site traffic and SEO support as well as their understanding of how those metrics complement what we’re doing on our social media have helped us achieve our goals.

Overall, we’ve been truly impressed with the improvements they’ve made as well as the results of their work. As a result, we’ve recommended them to another company.

Kiran Noonan Managing Director

They really spent the time to understand the company when we first began working together. I’ve worked with a couple of SEO agencies over the last sort of eight or nine years and a lot of the time, they’re very numbers-focused, which you would expect – the numbers dictate the content.

I think because Passion spent so long and put so much time and effort into understanding the business, the tone of voice and our position in the market, they’ve provided a unique ability to marry a numbers-focused strategy with a content plan. It’s very much in tune with what we want and it’s the kind of flavor we would expect – I personally haven’t experienced that with another organic search agency.

Dale Bray Digital Marketing Manager

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