Analyse search queries with Python to help with your PPC and SEO efforts


Using Python with Search Queries for SEO and PPC
Anyone working in SEO or PPC is exposed to a large amount of data from various third-party programs. In order to get the right insights for your next steps of action, you will need to use the right tools to analyse all this data. Excel is undoubtedly one of them, but as we often learn

DIGITAL KITCHEN: Why training is the best benefit you can offer your employees


Some employers think of staff training as just one of the many employee benefits they can offer, but investing in the careers of your employees is much more than that. It’s about safeguarding the future of your business and equipping your staff with the skills they need to drive you forward. For many businesses, money

Paid Social Show: the number of impressions is not the number of people impressed


Becky and Emily were excited to attend the first Paid Social Show in Brighton on 11th April, a Brighton SEO Conference Fringe event. Talk topics covered many forms of paid social advertising, from channels Quora and Pinterest, to creating content and getting the most out of Facebook campaigns. Here we share some of our key

DIGITAL KITCHEN: Five signs that you’re ready for a job (or career) change


Should I change jobs? It’s a question that can be very difficult to answer. The truth is that the grass is not always greener on the other side, and in many cases, it’s not until it’s too late that you realise what a good thing you had. However, there are also a number of very
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