Twitter Changes its Character Limit


Last week the nation mourned. After a long battle of competing with Facebook, Twitter lost its defining 140-character limit. In an effort to attract new users and increase growth, the Twitter character limit expanded to 280 characters, making it ‘easier’ for all to Tweet. The days of deciding which grammatical sin should be committed would

Influencer Marketing: Micro is the new Macro


When it comes to brands, consumers have serious trust issues. You’ll have experienced this first-hand as your relationships with brands you once loved become tarnished in one way or another. Or conversely, you might grow to love a brand that you weren’t keen on in the beginning. Loyalty is a delicate thing and marketers know

Create the Perfect Instagram Business Profile for your Brand


Instagram was once considered an app to share over-filtered photos with your close friends. Now it’s a stimulating hub of brand activity and the perfect platform for marketers to thrive. With over 500 million (and counting) users of the app worldwide, it’s clear to see why this is such a great platform to utilise for

Social Media Content Calendar Tips


Do you know what you’re posting on Facebook tomorrow? If the answer is no, then you could be in trouble. Without planning, any Social Media Manager will struggle to execute a successful social media strategy, meet KPIs and deliver impressive results. *Cue: the social media content calendar* Exactly what it says on the tin, a
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