Social Media Trends 2021: Passion’s Picks

Alexandre Hoffmann 12/01/2021 2 minutes

Here at Passion Digital we keep our finger on the pulse of the digital world – and in 2020, that pulse was certainly racing! We asked Alex, our Head of Paid Social, for his list of the top 3 social media trends to expect more of in 2021.


1. Social Media and eCommerce

Social platforms are surely set to push their ecommerce offerings further throughout 2021. Facebook launched ‘Shops’ last year for Facebook and Instagram so that businesses could set up a storefront and sell directly from the platform. Shopping and payments are also available through WhatsApp, highlighting the focus on ecommerce for Facebook as well as the plan to integrate its apps. Similarly, Instagram had a bit of a facelift by adding the Shop icon to the home screen (annoying users in the process) surely to drive the habit of using this as the go-to for shopping.

Away from Facebook, TikTok announced a shoppable live-stream experience for Walmart, showing it is trying to identify new ecommerce opportunities. As the Chinese version of their app, Douyin, delivered over $122m in revenue last year, it would make sense that TikTok would be looking to implement those revenue-driving features for other markets.


2. AR/VR on Social

Augmented and virtual reality seems to be on every trends list every year and 2021 isn’t any different. While there may not be a huge leap forward from where we are now in the coming year, there does seem to be momentum with AR and VR on social.

Apple’s iPhone 12 is built with LiDAR tech and Snapchat have developed a lens showcasing the capabilities. Facebook has launched a new Oculus headset and  they’re also working on AR glasses. Snapchat, the pioneer of AR in social, has also confirmed it’ll invest $3.5m in AR creators. Their Jordan, Ralph Lauren and more recent Levis Bitmoji partnerships potentially open up a new ecommerce trend.


3. The Rise and Rise of TikTok

2020 was a big year for TikTok and it’s expected that 2021 will be a continuation of that success, with forecasts of hitting 1B users. The sharp increase in popularity of the app prompted other platforms to roll out similar style features, with Reels launching on Instagram and being added to the home screen, Snapchat testing a vertical scroll for Discover content, and even YouTube experimenting with a rival offering. There is also still the ongoing issue of a sale in the US, or a ban, or neither.


Do you agree with Alex’s predictions for 2021? Leave us a comment below if you want to share any additional social media trends – or get in touch with our expert team for a proper chat about all things digital!