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Social media has become one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing in any digital marketing toolkit.

Despite sites like Facebook and Instagram having existed for less than 20 years, today every digital marketing strategy must contain some element of social media marketing in order to find success.

Everyone, even people who have never used social media in a professional setting, knows what a successful social media campaign looks like. It will make you take notice, cutting through the everyday noise of social media, and will stick with you long after you have scrolled past (or, ideally, interacted with).

Creating one of these successful campaigns is not easy, however with guidance and advice from a Digital Kitchen training course, you could be behind the next campaign that sets the social media world alight.

Social media campaigns allow for creative thinking in a big way, however they also require good analytical knowledge. In one of the Digital Kitchen social media courses you can learn how to work with data to spot opportunities, predict and work with trends, and build on successes. This side of social media marketing is just as important as the creative side, particularly when it comes to reporting results and suggesting the next steps for existing campaigns.

Brand awareness, increased sales, generating website traffic – these are all objectives that can be achieved with some effective social media training. However due to the endless targeting options, it is easy for creative time and media spend to be wasted while you try and reach your target audience.

While this may sound daunting, at Digital Kitchen we believe it opens up opportunities for original thinking and new ways of working – our social media marketing courses will show you how to create a strategy which directly targets your ideal audience. With Digital Kitchen you can learn both the basics of social media use in marketing, right up to advanced level techniques to edge out your competitors, all from the comfort of our social media training space in south London.

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