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Social media has become one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing and a key part of improving any organisation’s online presence. As the most common form of communication in the modern world, social media’s use as a digital marketing tool is almost unmatched.


Finding a job within Social Media

Social media requires a high level of technical knowledge and a solid understanding of what makes users on the various social media platforms pay attention. At Digital Kitchen our expert trainers can teach you both of these, ensuring you have the necessary skills to find a job within the industry. They will also draw on their years of experience so none of your queries or questions will go unanswered.  Hit the ground running in your chosen career path with our London-based Social Media courses.

Why Social Media?

Despite sites like Facebook and Instagram existing for less than 20 years, today every digital marketing strategy must contain some element of social media marketing in order to find success. Everyone, even people who have never used social media in a professional setting, knows what a successful social media campaign looks like – a true testament to their impact. Brand awareness, increased sales, and generating website traffic are all objectives that can be achieved with our effective Social Media Marketing training courses.

What will you learn in this social media training course?
Finding inspiration

You will learn about what makes a successful social media campaign and what audiences react to.

Technical know-how

Depending on your experience level, you will learn about different techniques required to create your own social campaign.

Posting tips

Our trainers, with their years of industry experience, can impart detailed tips and advice to improve your social media game.

Organic and paid social

Both sides of social media are covered in our courses. Budgets, KPIs and audience insights from paid social are all taught.

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of agencies in London are looking for Social Media roles
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While the constantly growing and evolving world of social media may sound daunting, at Digital Kitchen our trainers can help you find success, whether you are just starting out in your social career or hoping to move up in your organisation. Get in touch today to find out how.


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