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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the least-understood, yet most important parts of any digital strategy.

So what is SEO, and how does it impact a business? The Digital Kitchen SEO courses in London teach you about the crucial relationship between your website and search engines, and how to implement positive changes without negatively impacting the content of your site.

In our London training space tutors will take you through the technical concepts behind an SEO strategy and show you how they impact a website’s performance. They will also use their experience in the field to provide you with insider tips on how to improve your SEO knowledge and techniques that less knowledgeable SEO training experts might not know about.

Along with the technical side, Digital Kitchen SEO course tutors will also take you through real examples of SEO campaigns and help you analyse them as a group. From this you will learn what a successful SEO strategy looks like, as well as how to learn from less successful campaigns.

For those just starting out in their SEO career, a Digital Kitchen beginners training course will help you understand the basic principles of SEO and how you can implement simple changes to your site in order to boost its performance. People with a good understanding of the discipline can take the advanced SEO training course in order to develop their skills to the highest possible level and help their website achieve results that might have previously seem impossible.

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