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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the least-understood yet most important parts of any digital strategy. Sound SEO practices can increase sales, help brand awareness and improve customer satisfaction.

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SEO involves a good knowledge of the industry, along with an ability to think strategically and a desire to understand the user’s way of thinking. While this may seem complex, Digital Kitchen trainers can teach you to adopt this mindset, helping you to learn SEO and find success within your chosen career path. With our SEO training courses in London, you’ll hit the ground running.

Why SEO?

The relationship between your website and search engines is one of the most crucial factors in any business. Initiating positive changes in this area without damaging your site content or user experience is a task that requires expertise, however the rewards are invaluable. SEO is a fast-growing section of digital marketing, meaning well-trained SEO experts are always in high demand.

What this SEO training course will give you
Keyword research

The first step in any SEO strategy is understanding the keywords your business should be targeting.

Understanding search engines

Google has become one of the most powerful forces in the world. Understanding how it and its competitors work is vital to any SEO campaign.

SEO content

What content can you include on your site to improve SEO performance? Learn what to create and how to ensure it works for search.

Is your SEO working?

Learn how to measure SEO results to determine the impact your efforts is having on your website.

Did you know?
of marketers say improving SEO is their top priority.
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At Digital Kitchen we don’t just cover the theory. Your trainer will create a friendly learning environment and deliver a course designed to instantly improve your SEO abilities. Get in touch today to find your SEO training course.


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