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The world of pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising is a competitive one, meaning anyone entering the industry or trying to advance within it needs to be constantly learning to stay ahead of the competition.

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Finding a PPC role

In order to secure a PPC job you will need a solid understanding of the discipline’s basics, such as keyword research and using Google Ads. Those looking for more senior PPC roles will need to know about account budgeting and optimising for different outlets. Digital Kitchen trainers can ensure you are fully versed in these skills by the end of the course. Our Google Ads training will enable you to create highly targeted business ads.

Why PPC?

PPC is the most modern form of advertising, and arguably one of the most far-reaching. A sound PPC campaign can help a brand cut through the noise and reach the right customers to ensure high levels of conversion and an increase in sales. Due to its close relation with search engines, it is also at the cutting edge of any major online changes, making it an exciting discipline to be a part of.

What can this PPC training course give you?
Learn the jargon

PPC can be heavy on the terminology, however our trainers will be able to explain anything and everything you might come across in the industry.

How to write ad copy

The creative side of PPC is often overlooked. Learning how to write effective PPC ad copy is an important skill our trainers can teach you.

Tracking your PPC results

Become a well-rounded member of any PPC team by learning how to report on your campaign results.

Developing a PPC strategy

Being able to take a business’s objectives and develop a PPC campaign that meets them is an important skill, and one your Digital Kitchen trainer will be able to teach you.

Did you know?
clicks on PPC ads are fraudulent, leading to thousands of pounds in marketing budgets being wasted each year due to a lack of available PPC expertise.
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Our PPC training courses are run by experts within the industry who can draw on their years of experience to ensure you leave your training and see an immediate improvement on your PPC knowledge. Get in touch to find a course that works for you.


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