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With conversion-rate-optimisation (CRO) training you can learn the process of extracting more value from the existing traffic to a website, ensuring the right type of person visits your site.

Finding a CRO role

Getting a job in CRO requires a high level of technical knowledge as well as a solid understanding of the digital environment. A Digital Kitchen CRO training course can give you both of these. Our trainers have worked in the industry for many years and know exactly what skills are required of CRO experts, whatever stage of their career they’re in.

Why CRO?

CRO is one of the least known but most important aspects of digital marketing. It allows you to find out more about your customer and take steps to ensure the correct type of user is landing on your website. This information is incredibly valuable to any business and can lead to higher conversation rates from your site. Join one of our beginners or advanced CRO courses in London today to see what all the fuss is about.

What you will learn in this CRO training course
A/B testing

Discover how launching experiments can validate your website changes and confirm audience behaviour.

Dispelling CRO myths

Learn about some of the myths around CRO, and how you can ensure your work is convincing and impactful.

Research skills

Add the interpreting of data and how to drive insights from it to your skillset.

Device optimisation

Find out which devices your website works on and how to properly check them.

Did you know…
Only 22%
of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates (leaving lots of space for someone skilled in CRO to make improvements!).
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CRO may seem like an overly technical and sometimes confusing part of digital marketing, but our trainers combine their years of experience with a friendly learning environment to ensure you leave having improved your CRO skillset immeasurably. Get in touch today to book your CRO course.


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