CRO Training

CRO is the process of extracting more value from the existing traffic to a website, ensuring the right type of person visits your site.

Digital marketing is often seen, in simple terms, as the practise of getting people to websites. Of course, anyone who subscribes to this over-simplification of digital marketing clearly doesn’t understand the power of CRO (conversion rate optimisation).

CRO is obviously a crucial part of any digital campaign as it allows you to find out more about your customer and take steps to ensure the correct type of person is visiting your website.

Having many years of experience in the area, the Digital Kitchen tutors taking this CRO training course are fully aware of just how valuable this information can be to a business, and by taking part in the course you too can steer your website to higher conversation rates.

For those just starting out in their career and want to learn CRO basics, the tutors can take you through the fundamentals of the discipline – this will include dispelling the myths around CRO, going through the basics of research and properly implementing A/B testing. The advanced CRO training course takes things a step further, taking attendees through device optimisation, analytics modelling and working with the data you find.

Using their immense experience and technical know-how, the CRO course tutors will make sure that attendees leave our London training centre with a full understanding of the subject and the confidence to implement changes to their own site.

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