Helping Our Clients Adapt to the Coronavirus

Since its global significance became apparent in February 2020, COVID-19 - the novel coronavirus - has impacted individuals and businesses across every industry. At the time of writing, a quarter of the world’s population is on lockdown, which is significantly changing how money is being spent in both the B2B and B2C sectors. Only essential services and premises are allowed to open - others have been forced to close. E-commerce businesses are seeing sales drop or rise depending on how well they are adapting to the new circumstances.

Helping Our Clients Adapt to the Coronavirus...

Teletext Holidays

The travel industry has been heavily hit by the restrictions posed by the coronavirus. Holidays have had to be cancelled or rescheduled, new bookings have fallen dramatically and many Brits got stranded abroad. Airlines and travel companies are forced to adapt to the changing circumstances and find creative ways to retain their audience.

As no other travel companies were adapting their content efforts to the new situation yet, we saw an opportunity for Teletext Holidays to be a pioneer by addressing the coronavirus lockdown in their travel content strategy. We wanted them to become a beacon of positivity to their followers and proactively proposed a wealth of content ideas - for their social media channels, ongoing outreach and the blog - addressing these unprecedented circumstances. Upon approval of the onsite content ideas, our content team responded quickly, resulting in the first blog posts going live within merely two work days.

Have a look at how we are keeping the travel community engaged and try to lift their spirits on Teletext Holidays’ travel blog.

“Passion Digital’s agile content and outreach services are helping us retain our audience during the travel ban.”

Anonymous Charity

When the first cases of Covid-19 - the novel coronavirus - were confirmed in the UK in January 2020, a whole new range of needs emerged amongst our charity client’s users. To complement their own, comprehensive user research, they needed an insight into the questions and queries that people were asking online - and which queries remained unanswered by authorities such as the NHS and the government.

Only a week and a half after receiving the brief, we were able to present our research findings in various levels of detail and granularity. On top of a full list of over a thousand coronavirus-related keywords, we provided an insight into the language that people were using online; which queries our client, the NHS and were ranking for; which pages were ranking on each of these websites; which queries were so far left unanswered and what the search intent was in different categories.

To help our charity client take further action, we created an educational presentation about the pillars of SEO and how each of them could help to improve their rankings.

“Keyword research and search intent modelling are helping us respond to online questions and queries related to the coronavirus.”

To Better Days

The coronavirus lockdown situation provided new challenges as well as opportunities for the part of the population that To Better Days is trying to help: people who live with chronic pain. With work, culture, events and mental health services now being more accessible from home than ever, some chronic pain sufferers are finally afforded an opportunity to rest. On the other hand, some are stuck in lockdown with small children, for example, having their hands full more than ever now that schools are closed and childcare is not accessible.

We created relevant content helping the target group manage their pain, mental health, sleep, exercise and nutrition during the lockdown period. Thanks to our multi-channel approach, the number of users to the blog went up by over 1,000% month on month. The most popular topics included healthy recipes using non-perishable foods in self-isolation, the link between vitamin D and respiratory health and looking after your mental health while self-isolating.

“Thanks to their qualitative and quantitative research into the issues that our target group is facing, Passion Digital’s content team was able to create valuable content for chronic pain sufferers in lockdown.”

Adapting Our Company Culture

As a modern digital marketing agency, we have the infrastructure in place for all our staff to work remotely. Since before the official lockdown of shared offices, we have been working from home to do our share in flattening the curve; we were set up with work laptops well before the lockdown.

Other ways we’re keeping up morale and staying in touch now that our entire office is working remotely include company-wide lunches and Friday drinks via video call, as well as regular communication and calls between individuals and teams on Slack. To continue with this theme of supporting one another, the members of our team have also been contributing work from home tips and ideas for maintaining healthy habits throughout the coronavirus lockdown. 

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