Knight Frank Vendor Case Study

Driving lead volume and a drop in CPL YoY.

The challenge.

Knight Frank approached us with a mission: dramatically increase high-quality leads for their savvy clientele looking to sell their homes.

Knight Frank, a titan in the property world with over 125 years of experience, boasts a global network of 384 offices and a team of 16,000+ experts, across 51 territories. But even the best need a boost sometimes.

Our strategy

Knight Frank has entrusted us for over 2 years to run PPC activity for multiple service channels across their offering. These have consisted of lettings, landlords and vendor services, whilst also protecting their brand name within the SERPs.

When it comes to our strategic approach, we used segmented campaign structures, shifted keyword strategies towards highly relevant audiences and made more use of advanced Search Ads 360 bidding strategies. This strategy has allowed us to see great results over 2020-21, particularly within our Vendor account, where we targeted users looking to sell their property within the UK.

The challenge

The real estate PPC market is already competitive, with lots of companies offering to sell homes quickly (some within just 7 days) — a slightly different offering than Knight Frank. When it comes to keyword targeting, exploring outside-the-box ideas that suit the same purpose was a big part of our approach, leading to positive results where we were able to qualify more high-quality traffic.

Using a combination of segmentation strategies, as well as budget phasing based on volume and historical data, we were able to improve performance across the board YoY and replicate our strategy across other service line accounts for Knight Frank.

The approach

Our strategy consisted of a holistic and multi-layered approach, from A/B testing keyword insertion to help qualify more traffic at a cheaper cost through to implementing segmented campaigns to drive visibility and volume. And we did all this whilst maintaining a healthy CPL.

Segmented structure

Through segmenting our activity based on individual objectives, we were able to maintain a high level of control to optimise towards the best-performing locations and build on momentum, while targeting more generic keywords to maintain volume and a cheap CPC.

Powerful bidding strategies

Search Ads 360 was implemented to utilise their advanced and powerful bidding strategies. Shifting away from manual bidding helped stabilise performance and give us more insight to inform budget optimisation decisions to help us to strike a balance between maintaining a strong search impression share for offices. We did this whilst also sustaining lead volume and a healthy CPL.

Budget phasing optimisation

Based on seasonality trends and historical performance data, we were able to phase budgets using insights from both. In turn, we minimised wasted spend and high CPLs in quieter months, whilst building momentum in busier periods throughout the year.

  • 400%

    Increase in Clicks

  • 200%

    Increase in Conversion Rate

  • 1,420%

    Dncrease in Leads

  • -77%

    Decrease in Cost per Lead

The impact.

Through the above marketing tactics, reviewing performance for 21/22 compared to 20/21, the results speak for themselves.

Overall lead volume has increased by +1,420% YoY, with overall Cost Per Lead decreasing by -77% YoY. The overall conversion rate has improved by +205%.

Freddie and the team head up our PPC account for the Science Museum. We are mainly focusing on Google shopping and search, where we have 500-800 products online at any given time. We just had a really great end of 2021 – our busy Q4 Christmas period, Freddie was driving a high ROAS and hitting targets/forecasts across the board. He has been great
with any ad-hoc requests and explaining the management of the account to the new starters in the team. Passion Digital comes highly recommended!

Scarlett Giannakou Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Contractor

Knight Frank is a large global organisation with a vast Paid media strategy, to which our account team at Passion are pragmatic and quick to respond. Passion are a true partner to Knight Frank and we would highly recommend their paid media team. Thanks to them, we’ve definitely made considerable improvements to the technology we’re using. As a result, we’ve automated our ad efforts and saved a lot of time.

Passion is very transparent and honest. Additionally, the team is very agile and cost-efficient — they provide a significant amount of value for the price.

Anonymous Head of Social Media

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