Gurkha Welfare Trust Microsite

The Gurkha Welfare Trust provides medical & development aid to Gurkha Veterans, their families and communities.

Gurkha Welfare Trust Microsite


The Gurkha Welfare Trust provide medical & development aid to Gurkha veterans, their families and communities.

GWT ensures that Gurkha veterans, their widows and their wider communities are able to live their lives with dignity.

GWT achieves this primarily through the provision of financial, medical and community aid in Nepal.

Their field arm operates through 22 Area Welfare Centres spread across traditional Gurkha recruiting areas.

In the UK, in conjunction with other service charities and government bodies we offer advice and support to help the thousands of retired Gurkhas and their families who choose to settle here.


The main objective for this microsite was to create a timeline which encompassed all types of media in to a fully-responsive historical timeline of the Gurkha Welfare trust, creating a unique experience for the end user and showcasing the charity’s amazing history.

One of the main challenges to overcome for Passion’s development team was how we could deliver this in a way which could be viewable on all devices such as mobile & tablets without any bugs.


The Passion web team mitigated the aforementioned problem by developing the baseline of each slide to inherit from mobile upwards. This allowed the developers to create a custom CSS file for each device, therefore solving the problem and leading to a smooth user experience.

From a design perspective we wanted to keep with the original style of the Gurkha main site, but also creating an entertaining journey, which the user could get fully immersed in and therefore enjoy their time on the site.