Alexandre Hoffmann

Managing Partner

Alex is highly analytical and inquisitive. His passions are based on technology and data science, which means he’s always one step ahead of the curve, pushing his team to think proactively.

He has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, earning his stripes across technical SEO, content and analytics.

Areas of Expertise

    • Technical SEO: Expert in technical SEO, specialising in site migrations, speed optimisation and site architecture. Alex has over a decade of experience navigating complex websites and CMS.
    • Data Manipulation and Analysis: Analytical and adept at handling extensive data sets to extract SEO insights. This involves utilising tools and methodologies to discern trends, patterns and relationships in data that can guide strategic SEO decisions and help understand Google’s ranking algorithm.
    • Tech and Innovation: Alex leverages emerging technologies and innovative approaches to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving SEO landscape. His passion for tech and innovation fuels his ability to develop cutting-edge strategies that align with current trends and anticipate future shifts in the digital marketing sphere.
    • AI and SEO: well-versed in applying AI to enhance SEO strategies, he harnesses the power of machine learning algorithms to predict trends, understand user behaviour and optimise content for search engines. His work with AI includes semantic search optimisation, personalising user experience and leveraging AI-driven analytics tools to gain in-depth insights.