St Christopher’s Fellowship Web Case Study

Communicating with children and carers.

The challenge.

St Christopher’s Fellowship original website did not do the organisation justice. Simple management of content and basic updates were proving problematic. The site did not truly convey all the brilliant work that St Christopher’s do, all the services they offer and all the people they help. With clear disparities between what was required and what was on offer, St Christopher’s required a solid platform that provided support for all ongoing digital marketing work.

St Christopher’s Fellowship is a charity founded in 1870 to create brighter futures for children and young people. They work across the UK and Isle of Man providing children’s homes, supported housing, fostering and specialist support services, all designed for young people in care, on the edge of care, or leaving care.

Our Response.

Our response.

The new website needed to better communicate the organisational messages to carers and children as well as portray the charity’s mission through proper utilisation of their brand guidelines. Ultimately, the biggest task of all was to facilitate and improve the overall user experience for visitors to St Christopher’s website.

Given the objectives that needed to be met, the project followed a very thorough and methodical process from start to finish. We worked collaboratively involving a wide array of internal and external stakeholders, including children and foster carers.

There was a large amount of departmental cross-over with the digital marketing team, ensuring the end product worked from a lead generation perspective. This led to the creative direction being influenced by both primary and secondary research, resulting in the production of wireframes and subsequent high fidelity designs. For the build, WordPress was the perfect platform to use, given the objectives.

Our strategy

Once we had all the new UX recommendations in place, we accelerated our PPC activity, focusing on Junkwize’s priority service areas. Our Paid Media team investigated the best way to increase brand awareness in an extremely competitive industry, increase the number of business leads coming through the site and understand the change in consumer journey.

In order to increase our reach and serve ads across Google’s entire network, we launched a Performance Max campaign with core B2B messaging and targeting strategy in place. We immediately saw an uplift in traffic coming through to the site post-launch and then continued to build an ever-growing exclusions list to focus on as high-quality leads as possible.

Although our reach had significantly increased, we were still observing one very important trend—users were becoming less inclined to make a purchase straight away after landing on the site. Instead, they wanted to read about the company some more, potentially compare prices with competitors, and most importantly, get in touch with the team to discuss their options before committing.

To combat the above, we expanded our conversion actions. We again liaised with the UX team to introduce a new ‘WhatsApp’ feature (so that users can message the Junkwize team directly) and also track telephone calls.

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