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Perfecting Social Media

The landscape of social media is ever-changing and full of challenges. This advanced training course in social media will give you the skills to grow your social strategy, scale up your existing campaigns, and better measure, track and react to the results you see, all from the comfort of our London training centre.

What you’ll learn
Latest trends and platforms

Ensure you are always using the right tools and employing best practice in your social media marketing.

Integrating social into your existing strategies

Learn how a social media strategy can complement and benefit your existing marketing strategies without compromising your brand mission or goals.

Paid social advertising

We’ll show you advanced methods you can employ to find success through your paid social media advertising.

Insights and analytics

Learn how to provide clients or stakeholders with detailed and informative reports with advanced lessons on insights and analytics in social media.

Measurement and tracking

Our advanced social media training course show you how to monitor your perfectly-formed social media strategy and ensure you are achieving the results you want.

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Part 1 - Marketing Integration
    • Latest trends and platforms
    • Integrating social into your existing strategies
  3. Break
  4. Part 2 - Paid Social Strategy
    • Paid social advertising
    • Insights and analytics
    • Measurement and tracking
  5. Overview and Conclusions

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