Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Advanced

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Perfecting SEO

From the beginners SEO training course you know the importance of a website which is technically optimised for SEO, you understand how search engines work and how important it is to have optimised content posted consistently on your site.

Do you want to take the next step and be able to take the SEO of your website to the next level? This advanced SEO training course in our London HQ provides you with the knowledge and tools to develop your own SEO strategy, from analysis through to implementation.

What you'll learn
Assessing technical performance + solutions

You’ll learn how to conduct a full-on technical audit; identifying accessibility, indexation and site architecture issues, checking and understanding robots.txt, redirects, meta robots, canonical tags, geolocation tags, international SEO, schema tags, sitemaps and much more.

Assessing content performance + solutions

Everything you need to know to ensure your content is up to scratch. What makes a piece of content good, identifying obsolete content doing you more harm than good, and how to devise the perfect SEO content strategy. This includes an explanation of the latest Google algorithm updates, like Rank Brain and Latent Semantic Indexing.

Optimisation of other platforms

Not all products and services are the same, and you need to be able to optimise all types of content on all types of platforms; App store optimisation, Amazon SEO optimisation, local SEO, video optimisation, e-commerce, etc.

Google Search Console

Formerly known as Google Webmaster tools, Search Console is the tool through which Google communicates with webmasters. It’s imperative that you know how to navigate this platform, understand all its capabilities and know how to use the information it gives you efficiently.

Advanced Link Building

Learn what a healthy backlink profile is, how to audit your own and how to fix your site after a penalty. Learn link building tactics that are scalable and realistic.

Advanced Analytics

Learn how to use Google Analytics to really measure the impact of the SEO work that you are doing. How to read and extract data, customise dashboards and get the information you need to round off your advanced SEO training.

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Part 1 - Improving technical and content performance
    • Assessing technical performance + solutions
    • Assessing content performance + solutions
    • Optimisation of other platforms
  3. Break
  4. Part 2 - Mastering the tools
    • Google Search Console
    • Advanced Link Building
    • Advanced Analytics
  5. Overview and conclusions

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