Lauren Hall

Paid Media Account Manager

Lauren has over 6 years of experience and leads some of Passion’s biggest clients, including Knight Frank.

She’s an award-winning Account Manager, focused on driving results for her clients and thinking imaginatively to stand out in crowded markets.

Areas of Expertise

  • Paid Search Strategy and Execution: Lauren specialises in paid search strategies, using her knowledge to design and implement effective campaigns that deliver measurable results
  • Data Analysis and Decision Making: She excels at data analysis, interpreting complex data sets to make informed decisions that align with clients’ bottom-line objectives
  • Holistic Approach to PPC: Her approach to PPC is holistic, integrating her experience across various channels to create comprehensive and effective strategies
  • Client Service: Lauren can empathise with clients, understand their unique needs, translate these insights into robust messaging and strategy and build strong relationships based on communication and trust
  • Legal Industry Knowledge: Her previous experience working with clients in professional and legal services has equipped her with a deep understanding of the nuances of multiple industries, enabling her to tailor her approaches to fit specific market dynamics and customer behaviours