Social Media for Charities

Looking to drive campaign awareness and generate more donations?

Social media for charities has continued to increase exponentially over the last decade and we believe it will continue to play an integral part in any online charity marketing campaign.

We believe the key to an effective social media campaign is one that integrates into the whole marketing mix in a complimentary way, with particular focus on the way that social activity slots into pre-existing search campaigns (maybe you’re already running a Google Grant) in order to maximise overall digital success.

We aim to help charities understand social media and use it to achieve their objectives. Social media is not an aspect of digital marketing that is worth jumping into without good planning and a clear strategy. We always keep the goals and objectives of the charity in mind and make use of monitoring and transparent reporting to determine the value in what can be a difficult channel to quantify.

For  more information on how we structure our social media work with our clients please take a look at our main social media service page

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