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Voice Search Marketing Agency in London

Adapt your marketing strategy to increase your voice search visibility

Voice search is the next era-defining shift in consumer search. In its simplest terms, voice search will soon be the go-to means of conveniently finding the answers we need from the web. Speech recognition technology allows users to vocalise their search queries as opposed to typing them into a search engine, offering a faster and more personal internet browsing experience.

Tech providers such as Google, Amazon, and Apple are the market leaders in voice search technology, providing inbuilt speech capabilities into their mobile devices, such as a Siri and Cortana, as well as creating home hubs such as Alexa and Google Now.


“Would you say a search query in the same words as you’d type it? No.”


Voice search marketing strategy

The influx of voice search technology will unsurprisingly change in how brands market products and services online. Adapting your digital marketing strategy to cater for voice search well enable your business to remain at the sharp edge of its industry, ensuring your website is fully optimised for desktop, mobile, and voice search. Incorporating a voice search marketing strategy to your business plan will help you make leaps ahead of napping competitors.

Adjusting your website for voice search users involves:

  • Adapting your website to rank for more conversational queries
  • Ensuring your website is optimised for local listings such as ‘near me’ search queries
  • Optimising your site for reactive queries, such ‘phone repair near me’.

Maximising Visibility with a Voice Search Agency

As a voice search agency specialising in optimisation, Passion Digital will prioritise your brands’ online visibility, ensuring it appears in front of its target audience when they need it across the full scope of platforms and search mediums. We cover eight key areas: How

  • Brand & non-brand query audit
  • Content Landscape Analysis
  • Optimise for local
  • Mobile-first approach & indexing
  • Structured data mark-up – Featured snippet optimisation
  • App development (Alexa Skills, Google Now)
  • Reporting on Google voice search, Amazon voice search and other key sources
  • Knowledge graph optimisation