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Apple Search Ads Services

A powerful way to promote your app online

Apple Search Ads is the App Store’s paid advertising platform to download apps. It allows app owners to advertise their app at the top of the search results within the App Store, which is a fiercely competitive in the organic results.

Apple Search Ads works in a similar way to other paid search platforms, you can create campaigns, ad groups and keywords and they charge on a CPT (cost per tap) basis.

At the moment in Apple Search Ads you can target users in the UK, US and most major European countries.

We’ll work with you to understand your target audience, which will allow us to select the most relevant keywords and audience targeting. We’ll also ensure your app page is optimised with the right meta data – this is a ranking factor for organic and paid search results in the App Store.

Using our expertise, we strive to make your Apple Search Ads campaigns run efficiently, maximise downloads for your budget, and save you time to focus on other areas of your business – like continually improving your app.

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