Set-Up & Management of Campaigns for Charities

We can get your charity over £6000 of free Google Advertising

The Ad Grants scheme represents an excellent opportunity to drive quality traffic to your charity’s site at no additional cost. Passion Digital has helped lots of charities obtain Ad Grants and manage them on their behalf.

For New Users

The Google Ad Grants scheme offers $10,000 of free search advertising on the Google AdWords platform to qualifying charities and nonprofits. Google Ad Grants for charities runs on the same AdWords pay-per-click platform that millions of businesses spend billions of pounds on yearly, worldwide.

Passion Digital sees a lot of charities allocating funds to digital advertising, unaware that the Google Ad Grants scheme offers them funding to advertise online.

How do I get started?

Passion Digital has successfully applied for Google Ad Grants on behalf of more than 100 charities to date. We have then gone on to manage a large proportion of those charities’ Ad Grants spend.

We are able to manage the entire process on your behalf, from grant application and building the account to campaigns and on-going account optimisation.

Get in touch today to discover if you are eligible for $10,000 a month of free advertising.



At Passion Digital we stay up to date with Google’s changes to the charity Ad Grants scheme so we can ensure that your nonprofit’s PPC paid advertising not only remains within the guidelines, but yields excellent results.

From January 2018, Google tightened up its regulations for charities with an existing Ad Grants account as part of a wider effort to improve the relevancy of its adverts to users.

Google’s new regulations for charities

  • Ad Grants must have a specific location targeting
  • All campaigns feature at least two ad groups
  • All ad groups feature at least two active ads
  • We have multiple sitelink ad extensions across all campaigns
  • The click-through rate must stay above 5%
  • The account is logged into at least once a month
  • A change to the account has to be made every 90 days

Charities must remain vigilant about their campaigns in Ad Grants to ensure they don’t contravene the new guidelines and have their account revoked.


Leaving your grant’s legitimacy in the hands of our reliable PPC team will give you one less thing to worry about, ensure you maintain a constant stream of relevant traffic to your site and give you more time to focus on running your charity.


To ensure your non-profit’s Ad Words grant stays within Google’s strict regulations, get in touch with us.

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