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Digital Content Strategy

Like chess grandmasters, we know the importance of a good strategy – and our digital content strategy approach ensures that our efforts are always aligned with your wider business and marketing goals. In collaboration with your team, we will discuss everything from your content objectives and your priority products to your target audiences and the tracking options that we’ll need to put in place.

At Passion Digital, we pride ourselves on our ability to become an extension of your team. This makes the digital marketing strategy alignment meeting an essential part of our onboarding process: it ensures that we’re all working in the same direction.

Are you looking to attract a particular audience? Our content efforts will be designed around that buyer persona. Are there any key dates in your marketing calendar? We can create blog posts around them. Are you looking to boost particular products? Then our content efforts will be designed to support them. Did our keyword research identify phrases that you want to target? We will create quality content that’s optimised to rank for those queries.

We’ll put you in the best position to checkmate your opponents.


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Thinking Ahead

Our strategic alignment also allows us to look and think ahead. Once we have run a campaign, how are we going to measure success? What are our KPIs, and the targets we’re working towards? What does success look like to you? At the end of the road, we’ll measure the results of our efforts by means of a content audit to see where we got to in reaching your goals.

A Proactive Approach

Although some things are out of our control (cough coronavirus cough), we can secure some of your success in advance by taking a proactive approach. Pre-outreach ensures that the hero content we build will be well-received by our partner publications. SEO forecasts can give a glimpse into the future, predicting how much traffic your blog will attract through search engines. Interviews can test if a content idea resonates with your potential customers.

Conceiving Great Content Pieces

Armed with a good understanding of where you want to be in six to twelve months’ time, we’ll then proceed to the next step of the digital content strategy process: the creative brainstorm, which will result in a comprehensive content marketing strategy complete with content calendar. Let’s go!

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